How to Stay Focused as You Build Your Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistant businessWhenever you start something new or encounter any kind of change, it pushes you to grow. But when starting a Virtual Assistant business, the very newness of what you’re creating can make everything feel very overwhelming.

However, there are a few ways to keep your focus to lessen those feelings and ensure the success of your Virtual Assistant business.

Establish a Purpose

What is your purpose for starting a Virtual Assistant business?

Are you tired of being worn down by a corporate job that doesn’t value you? Do you want more time to spend with family and friends? Are you a new mom searching for a career that enables you to spend more time with your little one? Are you a grandparent who wants to be a part of your grandchildren’s lives? Are you looking to earn more money in retirement?

When challenges arise or you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself of your purpose. Keep your purpose as your motivation—your reason for working hard to achieve your goals.

Monitor Your Mindset

Having a growth mindset—the belief that you can achieve success with hard work and dedication—is necessary when starting your Virtual Assistant business. Based on her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck’s website, Mindset, states that a growth mindset “…creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

As you start your business, there’s going to be a learning curve. You need to believe that you will deepen your knowledge and expertise as you gain experience, and you must give yourself permission to make mistakes. However, with a growth mindset, even your failures are opportunities to learn. With a growth mindset, your success will be inevitable.

Take Care of Yourself

As you build a successful Virtual Assistant business, the hard work and drive to succeed can sometimes be a distraction from the things that keep you happy and healthy. Be sure to schedule the time to do the things that make your life fulfilling. Make time to enjoy your friends and family. Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air on a nice day. Go to the gym or read those books that are stacking up on your bedside table. Even when you are busy and you feel like you’re always just trying to keep up, take the time to take care of yourself.

Value What You Do

As a Virtual Assistant business owner, the services you provide to clients help them achieve their goals and grow their businesses. When you know your contribution to the world makes even the smallest difference and is valued by you and your clients, your motivation increases and you enjoy what you’re doing. As a result, your desire to help more people increases, and your success will skyrocket.

Reminding yourself to think about or do these four things will keep you on the path to success. It will help you stay centered and focused so you can tackle any challenges with confidence and fully celebrate your successes.

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How to Work as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor to Grow Your Business

virtual assistantWhen you’re first starting out as a Virtual Assistant (VA), a great way to begin earning money quickly is to work as a VA subcontractor.

Being a Virtual Assistant subcontractor means that an experienced Virtual Assistant hires you to complete projects that she has under contract. Not only can you earn money without finding clients of your own, but you can also gain valuable experience while building your business.

There are many benefits of being a VA subcontractor, and it can be a great way to grow your business.

How to Work as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor:

Use It as an Opportunity to Learn

When you’re first starting your business, sometimes self-doubt sets in. The feeling that you don’t know really what you’re doing can stop you from either taking the first step to start your business or from doing what is necessary to grow your business. Working as a VA subcontractor is a great way gain experience that will later give you the confidence to find and keep clients. As a Virtual Assistant subcontractor, you can work behind the scenes. You don’t have the added pressure of marketing your business and finding clients. Instead, your focus can be on the quality of work you produce. You can learn the processes, fine tune your skills, and build your confidence. Then, when you’re ready to market and find clients, you can do so with experience and full confidence in your expertise.

Work as a Professional

Likely the VA subcontracting work to you knows you’re new to the business, so she understands there will be a learning curve. However, she expects you to produce high-quality work. Like any client, if she’s not happy with the service you provide, she will stop subcontracting work to you. Pay attention to detail. Meet deadlines. Be honest and ask questions. Make sure you understand the expectations. She is a valued client and should be treated as such.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, “92 percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.” Therefore, anyone you work with, including a VA who subcontracts work to you, is a valuable asset to your business as someone who may refer clients to you or serve as a reference for the quality of work you produce.

Communicate Frequently

Always follow up. Make sure expectations and deadlines are clear. If you are uncertain about how to do something, always ask. Remember, since you are completing work under her contract, the reputation of the VA subcontracting work to you is on the line. Therefore, she’d much rather you ask questions and get the work done right than not ask and produce work that she will have to fix later down the road.

Understand that You Will Be Paid Less than Your Hourly Rate

As a VA subcontractor, you will not be paid your full hourly rate. You are not spending time marketing your business, finding clients, or making the contracts. Therefore, since you’re not doing that leg work and someone else is, you will need to accept a rate that is less than your hourly rate. Most VAs who subcontract to virtual assistants will pay a fair rate based on the project and target market. Therefore, you will still earn a reasonable amount even though it’s under your regular rate.

If you look at this as an opportunity to learn, the knowledge and experience you’re gaining will be worth your time and efforts.

Additionally, if you’re not someone who wants to market yourself and who’d rather stay behind the scenes, you can make a great living by working as a VA subcontractor even at a lower rate because you can fill your time with more billable hours.

The knowledge, experience, and confidence you gain while working as a Virtual Assistant subcontractor can build a great foundation for your VA business. It’s a great way to start your business, overcome any fears you may have, and really learn how to exist in the VA world without all the added pressures of marketing your business.

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4 Reasons You Need to Start a Virtual Assistant Business


virtual assistant businessHave you been exploring the idea of starting your own Virtual Assistant business? You’ve heard success stories, and you have a list of reasons for wanting to start your own VA business. But, for whatever reason, you’re worried that now isn’t the right time.

Putting it off only delays your success.

4 Reasons You Need to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business Now:

1. You Feel Stuck

If you dread going to your unfulfilling nine-to-five job every day, then you’re ready for something new. As a VA, you don’t have to commute or hassle with traffic. You can leave a corporate world where you’re merely a number. Instead, you can cash in on your skills to build a successful Virtual Assistant business. With a low start-up cost, your VA business will give you the freedom to work when you want to work and earn what you want to earn all from the comfort of your own home.

2. You Enjoy Helping Others

The need for people like you in the VA world is bigger than ever. “The New Independent Workforce,” a 2012 infographic from Mavenlink estimates that solopreneurs and small business owners like you and your clients will make up 40% of the workforce by 2020. Because your clients need to focus their energy on the growth of their business, they need your services to help them achieve their goals. Your work will have a purpose, and you will be important to your clients.

3. You Want to Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is only one of the perks of your Virtual Assistant business. As your own boss, you decide your hours, the services you provide, and, ultimately, how much money you make. With that freedom, you’re able to follow your passions outside of your career to live a full, well-rounded life of purpose.

4. You’re Ready to Live Without Regret

So often women are consumed with the fear of failure or the fear of not being good enough. Fear takes hold of them and makes it impossible to move forward to start a successful Virtual Assistant business. If you give into fear, you will go through life plagued by “what ifs.” Fear only leads to regret. But you are stronger than your fear. Make the choice to live a fulfilling life. Push through the fear that holds you back. Choose to believe in yourself. Following your goals and passions and starting your Virtual Assistant business will allow you to be the superhero of your own life.

Your success is inevitable. Begin your journey to a more prosperous and fulfilling life today. For more information about Expert VA Training and how I can help you build your successful Virtual Assistant business, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

What it Costs to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business in the First Year

virtual assistantLike all new businesses, you’ll incur start-up costs for your new Virtual Assistant (VA) business. Unlike most new businesses, a VA business has very low start-up costs. Your start-up costs will probably be even lower because you likely have many of the essential elements already in front of you.

Necessities to start your Virtual Assistant Business:

All prices are estimates.

  1. Computer 

    You will need an up-to-date computer with Microsoft Office. Hopefully, this is something you already have, and you won’t have to spend money on this.

  2. Internet

    High-speed internet is essential to running your virtual assistant business. Depending on your location, high-speed internet ranges from $40 to $60 a month.

  3. Phone

    To effectively conduct calls with clients, you must have a phone. Your clients and potential clients will be based all over the country and perhaps even in multiple countries; therefore, it is preferable that your phone service has unlimited long-distance. Most new virtual assistants use their personal cell phones or home phone lines. On average, a phone line with unlimited long distances costs around $30 a month and is already an expense you’re incurring before starting your Virtual Assistant business.

  4. Business License and DBA/Trade Name

    Most cities and counties require you to have a business license to conduct business. Additionally, if you’re operating your business under a name that is not your legal name, you must file documentation of the name that you’re doing your business under. This is typically known as Doing Business As (DBA) or a Trade Name. Filing these documents ranges from state to state and county to county, but, on average, they cost between $20 to $50 total.

  5. Website

    Your website acts as the store front of your Virtual Assistant business. A website states that you’re open, ready for business and a professional VA. I have negotiated with web designers I trust to offer a low-cost web site build for you for only $700. However, if you’re technologically savvy or can pick up new skills by watching a few YouTube tutorials, you can save that $700 by building your website yourself.

  6. Website Hosting

    It will cost you between $5 to $15 a month for website hosting.

Additional costs depending on your level of knowledge and area of expertise for you Virtual Assistant Business:

  • Skills Training

    While it is highly encouraged that you start out by offering skills you already know, you may eventually want to pay for training if you’re not an expert in your niche. There are many free options to learn the skills necessary to start your virtual assistant business. However, there are also skills trainings that range from $100 to $700. Again, this may not be something you need to invest in within the first year of starting your business. Advanced Tip: Do NOT purchase skills training before learning how to get and keep clients. It’s a waste of money because you may not need that particular training…or any skills training at all.

Tax Deductions for Your Virtual Assistant Business

You’ll want to have a conversation with your accountant about what costs you can claim on your taxes from running your in-home virtual assistant business. Click here to learn more about tax deductions for your Virtual Assistant business.

NecessityMonthly Cost
*Using high-end estimates.
Yearly Cost
1. ComputerIf you already have an up-to date computer, this will not cost you anything.
2. Internet$60$720
3. Phone$30$360
4. Business License and DBA$50
5. WebsiteSave this money by building your website yourself!$700
6. Website Hosting$15$180

According to an article from the Small Business Association, “In 2009, the Kauffmann Foundation estimated that the average start-up cost was approximately $30,000.” Even using the high-end estimates, the start-up cost for a Virtual Assistant business is well below that.

The average VA in the United States earns $35 to $50 per hour. Your rate will depend on the services you offer, your level of expertise, and your target market. However, if your rate is $35 an hour, you can breakeven on your start-up investment by working approximately 57 billable hours.

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Your Virtual Assistant Business: Help Others While Achieving Your Goals

virtual assistantWomen often find themselves trapped in a soul-sucking job that prohibits them from truly enjoying their life. Is this you? Are you living your purpose? Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Do you feel like you’re investing your hard work and time in something meaningful?

As a Virtual Assistant (VA), you can take control of your own life, reclaim your purpose, and make choices that enable you to achieve your goals.

One of the first steps of starting your Virtual Assistant business is deciding who you want to help achieve their goals and how you’re going to help them. As your own boss and business owner, you have complete control over this choice.

As a Virtual Assistant:

Who Are You Going to Help?

Who you are going to help is your target market. When starting your VA business, ask yourself who are you most interested in working with. Do you enjoy working with authors, coaches, or accountants? Click here to explore possible industries to find your best fit. You can narrow your target market even more by deciding you only want to work with women or business owners who make a certain amount of money. Whatever you choose, be sure to narrow your target market to guarantee that they are in need of the services you provide.

How Are You Going to Help Them?

Your niche is the services you provide to help your target market. The services you provide will offer some sort of solution to their problem and help them achieve their goals. When determining your niche, start with what you know. You don’t have to start at ground-zero. Cash in on the skills you already have.

As a Virtual Assistant, you get to determine your target market and niche. You don’t have to offer services or work with people that make you miserable. You get to achieve your goals doing what you truly enjoy.

While there are many perks to being a Virtual Assistant, one of the most rewarding is helping your clients achieve their goals while achieving your own. You know that your hard work and expertise are being used to do something good—something valued. Your work is meaningful and you get to achieve your goals—professionally and personally—doing something that you enjoy.

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Build Your Business by Starting as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor

virtual assistant subcontractorWhen you’re first starting out, there are many aspects of your business that can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are options for you as a virtual assistant to start earning money quickly.

A great way to start is working under an experienced virtual assistant or with a team of virtual assistants.

Working as a virtual assistant subcontractor means that you’re carrying out a portion of the tasks under another virtual assistant’s contract. When you perform work as a subcontractor, another virtual assistant (VA) delegates tasks that are within your area of expertise to you. You’re not an employee. Instead, you work either on a project by project basis or as a certain number of hours each month performing specific tasks.

Benefits of Starting Your Business as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor:

You Start Earning Money Quickly

As a VA subcontractor, you don’t have to worry about marketing your business or finding clients. Therefore, by working under someone who finds the clients and projects, you can begin working immediately. Because you’re subcontracting, you won’t be paid as much as you would if you were finding your own clients. However, you may start earning earlier than you would if you were working independently on your own business.

You ARE able to Learn from an Expert

As a virtual assistant subcontractor, you’re likely working with a team of VAs where each of you is responsible for certain tasks of a bigger project or you’re working for an established VA who delegates specific tasks to you. In either scenario, you’re working with someone who has built a successful virtual assistant business. She is responsible for finding potential clients and converting them to paying clients. Because her reputation is on the line, she is also checking over the work of the VAs she subcontracts work to ensuring everything is done to the level expected. Therefore, you benefit from having an established, successful virtual assistant to learn from as you build your skills.

You’re Behind the Scenes

For some people, the thought of having to contact potential clients and market your own business elicits extreme anxiety. Cold calls and marketing can feel extremely uncomfortable especially if you’re not an outgoing person. Fortunately, by starting as a VA subcontractor, you’re able to be completely behind the scenes if that is your desire. If you prefer not to have any one-on-one contact or limited contact with clients, subcontracting is a great option for you.

Gives You Time to Fine Tune You’re Expertise

As a VA subcontractor, you’re able to practice your skills without the pressure of being the face of the business. Many times, the fear of not truly being an expert makes people feel very uncomfortable when dealing with clients. Since you’re behind the scenes as a VA subcontractor, you’re able to practice the services you want to provide to clients. It gives you time to really get good at those skills to become a true expert. In the future, if you decide you want to work independently, you can venture into that journey feeling confident in your expertise.

Build Confidence Without Anxiety

By working as a virtual assistant subcontractor and giving yourself time to learn under someone who has experience and who has built a successful business, you give yourself the opportunity to build your confidence. Yet, you’re not under the pressure of independently finding your projects and clients. You’re able to learn from an expert, build your expertise, and gain experience. As a result, you build your confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your business.

When first starting your virtual assistant business, starting as a contractor is a great way to build your skills and learn from an expert without feeling overwhelmed by having to bring in your own clients and market your own business.

Subcontracting can give you the time to build your confidence and knowledge while earning money and learning the process of building your own, independent virtual assistant business.

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The Solar Eclipse and Your Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistantYesterday, we witnessed history. This highly anticipated solar eclipse brought people together to share a rare natural phenomenon that many of us will never again experience in our lifetime.

Throughout the buildup, there were many warnings; one, for example, was the necessity of appropriate eyewear to protect your eyes when looking at the sun. However, those warnings didn’t stop people from traveling hours to observe the total solar eclipse or simply watching from their own vantage point.

In life, you have opportunities to make changes, take risks, or start a new path. Unfortunately, fear can block your ability to take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. When it comes to your own life, your own paths, and making life-changing decisions, the warnings you hear can be deafening.

How can you reflect on the solar eclipse to start a new path as a virtual assistant?

The spectacular phenomenon of the solar eclipse is an opportunity for reflection. Moreover, it is a time to assess your own current set of circumstances and take heed of what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Metaphorically, the solar eclipse is a chance to reflect on the balance between light and dark in your own life. All of us have times where, even so briefly, the light is overshadowed and blocked by the dark.

Where is the dark in your life? Are you stuck in a job that is no longer fulfilling? Do you desire more control over your time to fully enjoy your life?

There’s no doubt that living in the light is much more comfortable. The darkness can feel extremely ominous. However, there are times when you need to live through the darkness, to be challenged, and take risks to live a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

When the darkness passes and the light emerges on the other side, how are you going to accomplish your goals?

Perhaps you need to assess what you want out of life and how building a virtual assistant business can get you there. As a virtual assistant, you have the freedom of time and the luxury of making the decisions that are right for you.

Perhaps you need to let go of your fear, take a risk, and take the first steps to building a successful virtual assistant business that empowers you to build a life you love.

In a time when it seems like people are often consumed by their own busy lives, many Americans made the conscious effort to revel in one of nature’s most spectacular events. They wanted to feel the air cool and see the sky darken in the middle of the day. They wanted the experience.

Opportunities like this don’t happen every day.

Right now, you also have the chance to take risks, to invite change, and begin a new journey. If you’re not present in your own life experience, your light becomes eclipsed by darkness.

What do you need to do to live your most phenomenal life?

I can help you begin a new journey by building a successful virtual assistant business in order to live a truly spectacular life. Apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

Why It Pays to Be a Narrowly Niched Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantAs a virtual assistant, you may feel pressure to know how to do everything. Clients seem to have a wide array of tasks that they hire virtual assistants to complete. To make yourself marketable, it may seem like you need to provide services to meet all your clients’ needs.

However, when you try to focus on too many services, you end up producing lower quality work and, ultimately, don’t serve your clients to the best of your ability.

It is important to narrow your niche— the services you provide to clients—to ensure that you’re producing high-quality work that will help you build a successful business.

As you build your business, it pays to be a narrowly niched virtual assistant.

Here’s why:

Demonstrates that You’re an Expert

When you’re a narrowly niched virtual assistant, it shows that you’re truly an expert. If you try to provide too many services, you can’t truly be an expert at all of them. You may know a little about all the services, but you won’t be an expert at any of them. For example, playing an instrument takes a lot of time and practice to master. If a person plays five instruments, can she be an expert at all of them? She might be good at all of them, but focusing on one allows her to truly master the instrument.

Allows You to Develop Professionally

Narrowing your niche gives the opportunity to focus on the services you provide to truly be an expert. When you’re just starting out as a virtual assistant, you may not start out as an expert. However, narrowing your niche allows you to really learn those skills and become an expert. As your business grows, you may need to take training or seminars to ensure that you are producing the best product for your client. You can take classes or seminars to develop and sharpen your skills. Because you’re a narrowly niched virtual assistant, you’re able to truly focus on the services you provide.

Helps You Stand Out

For clients who are looking for a virtual assistant who will consistently produce high-quality work and truly be an asset to their business, they seek out narrowly niched virtual assistants. Why? They understand the value of a virtual assistant who is truly an expert. While they may be able to pay a virtual assistant who is more broadly niched less, they will choose you because they know you will help them achieve their goals.

Ensures You Get Paid for Your Expertise

By narrowing your niche, you are marketable to clients who truly understand the value of the services you provide. They know they need the services and they’ll understand what they’re worth. Therefore, you will attract quality clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth. Those clients will appreciate the quality work that you provide. Narrowing your niche allows you to raise your rates because you have invested in yourself, built your skills, and produce high-quality work.

You Get to Do What You Really Enjoy

When determining your niche, start with what you enjoy. If you provide a service you don’t like, you’ll be miserable. As a virtual assistant and the owner of your own business, you have complete freedom over the services you provide. Therefore, by narrowing your niche, you’re able to pick services that you like doing and that keeps you motivated. By specializing in a few services that you enjoy, you’ll build a successful business that you love.

Being a narrowly niched virtual assistant ensures that you will attract clients who value the quality of your work. Doing so also guarantees that you will achieve your goals and love what you do.

For more information about how to narrow your niche and achieve your goals, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

Seven Behaviors of a Productive Virtual Assistant


virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, it can be difficult to avoid distractions that hinder your productivity. It’s easy to get caught up doing household work or other activities that eat up your time and leave you scrambling to get things done.

Boosting your productivity means that you spend less time overwhelmed and stressed out because you’re more efficient with the time you’ve established to work.

 Increase your productivity by establishing these behaviors:

1. Know When You Work Best

As a virtual assistant and having the luxury to work from home, you are not confined to traditional work hours. Therefore, you can decide when you work best. Work during the times that you feel most productive and have the most energy.

2. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking stifles productivity. When you multitask, your mind is spread too thin and you can’t give your full attention to the tasks at hand.  Instead, when you focus on a single task, you produce much higher quality work more efficiently.

3. Make ONE To-Do List

Instead of wasting energy trying to check off tasks from multiple to-do lists, make one list as opposed to having separate lists for each client or each day. By consolidating everything into one list, you know exactly where to look to figure out what you need to do. You save time by not having to search for specific tasks that need to be completed for different clients. Additionally, prioritize that list to ensure that you’re completing the most important items first.

4. Be Self-Aware

Know your weaknesses. To increase your productivity and effectiveness as a virtual assistant, implement organizational systems that counteract your weaknesses. If you tend to spend too much time on a task trying to achieve perfection, set a timer so you know when to move on. If you tend to get distracted by checking email, set specific times (and stick to them) during the day to respond to your emails.

5. Don’t Put Things Off

Be sure to give yourself enough time to meet your deadlines. Give yourself enough time to produce quality work. That way, if something unexpected arises, you’ll be able to effectively meet your deadlines without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

6. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Prepare yourself the night before for what you need to tackle the next day. By doing so, you’ll no longer need to worry about forgetting things. You also know how to prioritize your time and you can plan to get the dreaded or difficult tasks done first. This way, when you begin work the next day, you know exactly what to start on first without wasting any time.

7. Organize at End of the Day

Save time and avoid procrastination by organizing and cleaning your workspace at the end of your day. By doing so, you begin the next day with a fresh space with everything in place to begin the next day.

As you establish behaviors and find strategies that help you be more productive as a virtual assistant, it’s helpful to learn from others who have been in your shoes. To learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

Tips to Overcome Disappointment as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantAs a virtual assistant, the expectations you have for your business are mirror those that you have for yourself. You are your business. Therefore, when things don’t work out as you anticipate, it’s hard to take.

When there’s a breakdown in your expectations, disappointment is a normal human reaction. Disappointment floods you with anger, frustration, and sadness and can leave you feeling completely defeated.

However, as a virtual assistant, disappointment does not mean you’re defeated or that you’ve failed. Instead, it gives you an opportunity to see a new perspective and start again.

When you deal with disappointment as a virtual assistant, consider the following:

Take Time to Process

When dealing with disappointment, it’s important to give yourself time to process. Acknowledge your feelings and give yourself permission to really feel.

In a time of disappointment, don’t make rash decisions. Instead, ask yourself why you’re disappointed. Think about it. Struggle through it.

Remember that it’s not a race to just get over it. Give yourself time to feel all the emotions you’re experiencing. Then, when you’re ready to move on, you can truly let go of the disappointment and focus on achieving your goals.

Remember It’s Not Personal

You are the heart of your business; therefore, disappointment hits extremely hard. So much of you is invested in your work as a virtual assistant. When things don’t turn out as expected, it can feel very personal.

However, business is business. It’s not personal. In business, people make decisions based on what is best for the business. Decisions are not based on someone else’s feelings.

When you feel disappointed by something in your virtual assistant business, you may resort to blaming yourself. It conjures up those feelings of not being good enough and feeling like nothing ever goes your way.

However, when you blame yourself, it’s like looking through a microscope. The problem seems huge and your perspective is limited to a focused and enlarged view of the problem. This view is not a true representation of the problem or why you feel disappointed. To get a clearer perspective, you need to broaden your scope and allow yourself to see the whole picture.

Use Disappointment as an Opportunity to Self-Reflect

Because disappointment typically stems from a breakdown of our expectations, it’s an opportunity to self-reflect. Think about your expectations: Were they realistic? Were they too specific? Or not specific enough?

Rather than having expectations, set goals for your business. Establish a plan to achieve your goals. Be flexible and forgiving. Expecting that you won’t experience challenges along the way. However, when you do, you can adjust your plan to overcome those struggles.

Reflect on how you can improve yourself. Consider how you can better communicate to others. What can you do to avoid disappointment in the future?

Take time to think about everything you are grateful for. Gratitude gives you hope. Focusing your mindset on the positive reminds you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better.

Really take the time to learn from your disappointments. By doing so, you will learn valuable information about yourself that will set you on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Take Action

Instead of stewing in the disappointment, use the knowledge you gain from self-reflection to make a plan to move forward.

Set new goals. Explore new strategies. Instead of letting your disappointment set you back, use the situation to empower you.

Allow your disappointment to provide you with new insight and a new, better path to follow.

Disappointment does not equal defeat. As you overcome your disappointment, you can evaluate your expectations and fine tune your goals. You can look through a broader lens to see a new perspective that resets your path and gets you closer to achieving your goals.

Often, to overcome disappointment, it’s helpful to learn from someone who has walked in your shoes. To learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.