Being a Problem Solving Virtual Assistant Makes You Invaluable to Clients

problem solving virtual assistant

Business owners and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants because they need to focus their energy on the big picture of their business. As their business grows, they no longer have the time, desire, or expertise to complete the tasks they hire out to a virtual assistant. Therefore, as their virtual assistant, your role is to help your clients solve their challenges and help them achieve their goals.

Clients need virtual assistants who are problem solvers. They are inundated with tasks they must complete to grow their business, and they don’t want to be bothered with the tasks they’re paying you to do. This means that you are often anticipating what your clients need even if they don’t always articulate it. A highly valuable virtual assistant is one who can find her way around a problem without asking the client for help. To be the problem solving virtual assistant your clients need, you do research and find a way around the issue when you’re faced with a problem. You’re intelligent, logical, and resourceful. Remember, as their virtual assistant, you want to take problems off their plate instead of adding to it.

Being a problem solving virtual assistant:

Confirms your expertise.

When you have the ability to see the bigger picture, make decisions, and take action, you’re showing that you are knowledgeable in your field. You demonstrate that you are well-informed, understand how things work, and know how to make the execution of tasks more efficient. Showcasing to your clients that you are knowledgeable, sets you apart as a virtual assistant who is truly an expert. You understand the business. You understand your role. And you take it seriously. You make sure that you are not only doing your part efficiently, but that you are also keeping your clients informed of tools or ideas that would make their business more efficient.

Proves you’re a self-starter.

In any business, the employees who get things done without the boss having to hold their hands throughout the process are the employees who really stand out. These self-starters are the employees who are truly valued by their employers. As a virtual assistant, your clients will appreciate that you don’t rely on them to explain everything and will recognize you for the expert you are. By being a self-starter, you prove that you can take initiative, figure things out, and get things done. You prove that you are competent to be entrusted with the reputation of your client’s business.

Results in respect.

Who doesn’t like to feel respected for what they do? When you feel underappreciated for what you do, it results in bad morale and you stop enjoying what you’re doing. By being a problem solver, your clients will respect your expertise, your work ethic, your professionalism, and your ideas. They will value what you bring to the table and the part you play in growing their business. Their respect enables you to build your reputation as a virtual assistant who would be an integral part to any business. When you gain the respect of your clients, you set yourself up to attract high paying clients. Thus, your business will grow and you will enjoy every minute it of it.

Leads to innovative ideas.

Being a problem solver is not just a skill, it’s a mindset. You’re constantly asking yourself: “How can I make this better? More efficient? Yield greater results?” You shape your business and the businesses you’re entrusted to assist into better and more efficient businesses. You’re looking outside of the box, seeing the bigger picture, and taking action. When you’re able to do this, you bring something to the table that your clients will truly value. Therefore, you become an indispensable asset to their business.

Ultimately, being a problem solving virtual assistant empowers your business to thrive. Clients recognize that you take your job seriously and see how much you help them. Therefore, they will entrust you with more tasks. They will also recommend you to their colleagues. They will write amazing testimonials. All of this will help you market and grow your business. You will be able to accomplish your goals. As a problem solver, you will be invaluable to your clients. Thus, you will become a go-to virtual assistant for business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you don’t feel as though you’re already a problem solver it is a skill that can be learned. I’m here to help you! Apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Become a Virtual Assistant: Declare Your Freedom and Reclaim Your Life

become a virtual assistantAmerica is the land of the free. Since the beginning of its history, people have come to America to have the freedom to follow their dreams. But in this land of the free, so many women feel bound by the demands of their lives—stuck in unfulfilling jobs unable to participate in activities that bring joy and losing their passion for life.

What sort of freedom are you seeking in your own life?

Do you want the freedom to:

  • explore the world and travel?
  • spend more time with your family?
  • raise your children?
  • volunteer?
  • participate in your hobbies?
  • spend time with your friends?
  • work from anywhere in the world?
  • get out of debt?
  • spend time with your grandchildren?
  • live your life on your terms?

Whatever your motivation is, you can truly have the life you want. You can fill your time with the activities you enjoy while earning an income providing services you enjoy. You have the freedom to take control and spend your energy working hard to achieve your goals while living the life of your dreams.

Imagine how your life would change if you declared freedom over your own life.

When you become a Virtual Assistant, you have complete freedom. Freedom to set your hours, pick your clients, work from home or anywhere in the world, provide services that you truly enjoy, and to be your own boss. You can let go of the things that hold you back and embrace the freedom of control.

As history has taught us, freedom doesn’t come without risk. But as the brave people before us have modeled, the benefits far outweigh the risk. Reap those benefits. Start today. Don’t waste another minute of your life trapped. Don’t let fear hold you back. When you become a virtual assistant, you open a whole new world of opportunity—not only for your business, but also for your life!

Sixteen years ago, I chose freedom. I broke away from my corporate career and built multiple VA businesses from the ground up. Today, I’m here to help you do the same.

To learn how you will open the door to freedom when you become a virtual assistant, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business: Don’t Be a ‘Yes’ Person

Virtual Assistant BusinessOften, it is in our nature as women to put others before ourselves. Women feel pressure to provide for every need of other people. This causes us to fall into the trap of saying ‘yes’ all the time even to the things that we really don’t have time for, enjoy doing, or serve to help us achieve our goals.

The tendency to be a ‘Yes’ Person stems from a place of wanting to please everyone, do a good job, and make a good impression. However, always saying ‘yes’ you down a treacherous stream of resentment, unhappiness, and burn out.

In your Virtual Assistant business, it is easy to fall into the trap of saying ‘yes’ all the time because you fear you will lose clients or clients won’t like working with you because you don’t provide all the services they need. Or you worry you won’t get other clients, so you accept clients who cause you more stress.

However, most of the time the best gift you can give yourself, and ultimately your clients, is to focus on your own needs and goals. Focusing your energy on taking care of yourself give you the ability and strength to better serve others. In your virtual assistant business, when you make the decision to say no to clients or services that don’t help you achieve your goals, your business will ultimately become more successful.

Here’s why:

You will better serve your clients.

  • You carve out an area of specialization: The biggest mistake you can make as a virtual assistant is not choosing an area of specialization. It is impossible to be an expert at every service a client may need. Therefore, if you say yes to every task a client may need, you are doing your business and your client a disservice. Instead, by choose a few services that you truly enjoy providing as your area of specialization, you give yourself the opportunity to truly become an expert in those services. This, inevitably, will benefit your clients and your own business.
  • You’re able to be selective about who you’ll work with: It’s important to remember that this is your business—you’re the boss. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose who you will work with and who you won’t. Instead of saying yes to any potential client, the best gift you can give yourself is to work with clients who appreciate the expertise you bring to the services you provide and who are willing to pay you what you deserve.
  • You’re able to take charge, be proactive, and get things done: There’s nothing your clients will appreciate more than your expertise and ability to take charge without having to walk you through every little task. When you’re choosy about who you work for and what you do, you’re an expert who can anticipate what your clients need, make their lives easier, and help them achieve their goals.

Benefits of better serving your clients to grow your virtual assistant business: You make yourself more marketable, sought after, and respected. You establish your business one where the owner is highly skilled at what she does and is an asset to assisting others in achieving their goals.  As a result, you will attract high paying clients who appreciate and demand your expertise.  It is a WIN-WIN.

You will be happier and more productive.

  • You avoid burnout: By saying no when the client or service doesn’t fit your business, you’re able to focus on the tasks and clients you enjoy. Just as it does in your personal life, being a “Yes Person” causes you to overbook, spread yourself too thin, and burn out. You started a Virtual Assistant business to avoid this, and as a Virtual Assistant, you have the freedom to stay out of this trap and choose the path that gives you the greatest satisfaction.
  • You are in control: You likely started your own business because you wanted more freedom, and you had goals and a mission that you want your business to achieve. By being selective about the clients you take on and the services you provide, you empower yourself to make your decisions based on what is best for your business and your life.
  • You are more productive: You free yourself from completing tasks that you don’t enjoy, therefore, what you do really fulfills you. Fulfillment leads to pride in your accomplishments and success. Thus, you free yourself of the resentment and stress that stifles your productivity. Instead, you get to love what you do every day.

Benefits of being happier and more productive: You get to make money doing what you love and you’re able to enjoy your life, your family, your hobbies, and your job!

How to Empower Yourself to Say ‘NO’:

  • Keep your eye on your goals and say no to anything that doesn’t help you achieve your goals.
  • Remember that when you help your clients achieve their goals, you will attract high paying clients who appreciate your expertise.
  • Don’t forget that your happiness and fulfillment of your own dreams are important.

Are you someone who struggles with saying ‘no’ and always ends up overtired, overworked, and burnt out? To learn how I can help you be proactive about saying “no” in order to achieve your goals and grow your Virtual Assistant business, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Is Fear Holding You Back from Starting a Business as a Virtual Assistant?

starting a businessYou’ve probably thought a long time about how you can earn a living doing something you love so you have time to live and do the things you truly enjoy. Starting a business as a Virtual Assistant seems like the perfect solution. You’re an intelligent, hardworking woman and you have experience in the workforce that would make you an asset in helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals. You know that starting a business as a Virtual Assistant would open so many doors for you, but there’s something holding you back: FEAR.

Often, fear creeps up when you’re embarking into the unknown. You don’t know what lies ahead or where the path will lead you. This is an uncomfortable place to be. Like many women, you are accustomed to planning and making sure everything is in order. However, when you embark into the unknown it’ s harder to anticipate the obstacles that will get in your way, the mountains you’ll have to climb, and the water you’ll have to tread through. Therefore, fear seeps in, and, before you know it you can’t move.

Unfortunately, many women allow fear to take control. You listen to those voices in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or that you don’t have the right skills to be successful. You hear those voices telling you don’t know what it takes to start your own business or become a Virtual Assistant, let alone an Expert Virtual Assistant.

Fear causes you to believe those voices. When you believe those voices of doubt, the journey feels too treacherous because of all the uncertainties and unknowns. You fear failure. Fear makes you doubt yourself. If you allow it, fear will tighten its grip around you so it feels impossible to move forward.

Allowing fear to control you makes you stagnant.

You think:

“Oh, I’ll wait until I’m ready”

“I’ll wait until I learn this new skill.”

“I’ll wait until the time is right.”

With this mindset, you’ll be waiting forever. The time is never right. There’s always new skills or learn or something else that can get in your way.

If you keep waiting, you miss out on the now.

When you start a business as a virtual assistant, you give yourself the freedom to set your own hours, choose your clients, and the services you provide.

You are in complete control. By starting a business as a Virtual Assistant, you can make a great living providing services that you enjoy doing, while still having time to see your kid’s game or your grandchild’s school play. You have the freedom to work from anywhere and the time to volunteer for causes that are important to you.

Starting a business as a Virtual Assistant, enables you to be an active participant in your own life—right now.

Fear is normal. Everyone feels scared. However, even though it’s normal, you’ll never move forward if you don’t do something about it. You have the power to overcome your fear and move forward living the life you truly envision.

How do you overcome your fears so live a life of happiness, freedom, and wealth?

Confront Your Fear

When you make the decision to confront the thing that scares you most, it loses its power to control you. Name the fear. Acknowledge it for what it is. Then, set it aside. Let go of the fear that is holding you back. When you’re no longer scared, you empower yourself with the ability to achieve your goals.

Start with Small Steps

Starting a business is a journey. The journey isn’t always easy, but little by little, day by day, step by step you get through. You overcome the obstacles, discover a path through the mountains, and find stepping stones to get through the water. Set small goals for yourself as your stepping stones to achieve your big goal. Focus on accomplishing those smaller goals, celebrate your successes, and keep going.

Seek Help

You don’t have to take this journey alone. Hire a coach who has already achieved what you want to achieve. A coach has already built a successful business, knows the market, know tips and tricks that will make things easier for you. She will tell you about mistakes she made so you don’t fall into the same traps. Your coach will guide you, challenge you, encourage you, and empower you to reach your true potential.

Pursue Your Goals

Set your mind to it and go for it! Spend your energy on empowering yourself. Acknowledge the progress you have made with the baby steps you have taken. Keep looking forward; what’s next on your list to do? Focus on that and complete it.

Don’t become a victim to your fear. Make the decision to confront your fear and begin living your life with intentionality and purpose. You have the power to achieve your goals.

I have been where you are, and I can help you. To learn how I can help you overcome your fear of starting a business as a Virtual Assistant and gain confidence, freedom and flexibility, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Too Much Competition in the Virtual Assistant Business?

Virtual AssistantWhen it comes to facing competition, there are generally three types of people:

  • Those who work great under pressure and love a little competition.
  • Those who fold under pressure and allow competition to intimidate them.
  • Those who fall somewhere in between—they’re aware of the competition, but don’t allow the competition to distract them from their own goals.

Which type of person are you?

Is there competition in the Virtual Assistant profession? Yes. But what constitutes too much competition? And is competition a negative part of the profession?

Often, competition is a positive force that helps drive the market. It makes pricing competitive. It allows clients to tailor their selection of a Virtual Assistant to their exact needs. It also allows you to find clients in your specific area of expertise.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to recognize that competition can be a catalyst that leads to you becoming the best version of yourself.

How can that happen?  

Focus on YOU

Athletes deal with competition all the time. Undoubtedly, they have moments where they think that someone else must be faster, stronger, and better than them. Do they let that stop them? No. They keep training, working hard, and improving their techniques and skills in order to perform at optimum levels when it matters. As a Virtual Assistant, you face the same type of competition. The key is not to focus on the competition. It only breeds fear. Instead, spend your energy on setting and achieving your own goals. A marathon runner doesn’t start out by running a marathon. They run the first jog, they train, and they eat right. They start with small, attainable goals with their bigger goal of running a marathon in mind. As a virtual assistant, set a big goal that scares you. Then create smaller goals that will ultimately help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Recognize that Clients Need You

There is a multitude of clients out there who will and can benefit from the services you provide. Many of them don’t even realize how much time and energy hiring you as a virtual assistant will save them. It is important to research your target market to find out what services they truly need. Develop a strong sense of who your potential clients are and what they want. Use this information to leverage your position as an expert who can provide a solution to the problems they face. You become the solution to the problem and they will value you for that. Therefore, they will pay good money for your services because you understand how to help them achieve their goals.

Accentuate What Sets You Apart

In order to be a good Virtual Assistant, you may not be able to provide every service a client may need. However, you have a skill set in which you already excel and enjoy. Focus on your strengths. Invest your time and energy into becoming an expert in a few services your target market needs. Think of it this way: In your business, it’s better to have four quarters than 100 pennies. If you have 100 pennies, you can’t focus on all of them, and, by nature, they hold less value. However, when you only have four quarters to focus on, you can spend time focusing on each one which makes them more valuable. By specializing in a smaller number of services, you will be able to focus on those services prove that you produce high-quality work. This will set you apart from your competition. It will drive your prices up and clients will be happy to pay more for your services because they know they are getting the best.

Keep a Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that states: “Be better today than you were yesterday.” This can hold true in almost all facets of life. Every day keep your focus and energy on striving to do better, learn more, improve, and grow. Let mistakes be opportunities for growth. Perfection is not the goal, but becoming better and improving is. Let go of the negativity that holds you back. Keep your focus on yourself instead of your competition. You can’t control what your competition is doing, but you do have the power to keep a positive mindset and achieve your goals.

Competition—friend or foe? Friend! It is your opportunity to learn more, to refine your skills, and to soar! Avoid the temptation to let the fear of competition hinder your desire to become an expert Virtual Assistant. Instead, use fear of competition as a tool to motivate you to get stronger, improve, and keep moving forward.

To see how I can help you achieve your goals as a Virtual Assistant, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Cash in on Your Skills: Become a Virtual Assistant

Originally published on on May 22, 2017.

What if there was a career that allowed you to:

Become a Virtual Assistant

  • Work from home (and home can be anywhere in the world)
  •  Travel (did I mention you can work from anywhere in the world, even an RV?)
  •  Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss and setting your own hours
  • Earn as much as you want
  • Cash in on skills you already have

This is not a pipe dream. Let me tell you about this booming business that is perfect for your second-half-of-life career.

Become A Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant, usually shortened to VA, provides support services to clients who may live around the corner or halfway around the world.

As a VA, you work remotely using your computer, internet and phone to communicate with your clients. You offer administrative, technical or marketing support services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Since just about any administrative, creative or techie task can be performed remotely (except personally bringing someone coffee, filing printed papers in folders or greeting people coming into the office) the field has a surprisingly large scope.

Virtual Assistants work in a wide variety of roles:

  • Executive Assistants
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Real Estate Assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Author Assistants
  • Writers, Editors, Proofreaders
  • Project Managers

Businesses hiring VAs are as varied as the type of services provided by VAs:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Authors
  • Professional Speakers
  • Online Retail Businesses

A Rapidly Growing Business Model

Demand for Virtual Assistants is high and will continue to expand for as long as the internet is around.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs desperately need support. They have discovered that Virtual Assistants can provide professional support more cost effectively and efficiently than employees.

Virtual Assistants save businesses time and money by:

  • Working out of their own offices. VAs provide their own office space, desks, computers, phones, and supplies.
  • Charging only for work performed. Virtual Assistants get the work done as it comes in, without businesses paying overtime or holiday wages. Businesses also avoid paying employees for slow times, when they don’t have enough to keep them busy.
  • Specializing. On their own time and at their own expense, VAs attend training and gain experience to become experts in their area of specialization. Businesses save the cost and time of training employees when they hire VAs.
  • Operating as 1099 Independent Contractors. A VA is self-employed. Business owners do not pay social security taxes, FICA taxes, worker’s compensation, insurance, 401K, retirement plans, medical, dental, sick pay, holiday pay and other benefits.

You Might Be A Great Virtual Assistant

If the following scenarios describe you, you might be a great VA.

1. You are a doer.
Your superpower is getting stuff done. You love checking things off your to-do list.

2. You know your way around a computer and the internet.
A Virtual Assistant has to handle all her duties remotely. She needs to be able to use email and Skype to communicate, Microsoft Office (especially Microsoft Word) to provide services, and Google to find answers to questions that arise.

You do not have to be a techie guru. Yes, there are VAs who love technology and specialize in all things tech. I’ll be the first to admit, that is NOT me. I’m Kathy Goughenour, a VA who earns 6-figures, and I panic at the thought of having to do anything more technical than send emails and create Microsoft Word documents. For the last 10 years, I’ve shown women worldwide how to make awesome money and have amazing freedom working from home as VAs … as tech gurus, administrative assistants, and everything in between.

3. You enjoy supporting and helping others.
Being in the background of a business and helping the owner get stuff done lights you up. But you can also lead a conversation with a business owner about what she needs done and negotiate a deadline.

4. You’re good at juggling multiple clients and deadlines.
As a VA, you’ll have multiple clients … and multiple deadlines. You might have a newsletter that has to go out for Client A on Wednesday, a blog post due for Client B on Thursday and a series of emails to write for Client C by Friday. If having something new to do daily sounds like fun, you’re going to love being a VA.

5. You can manage your own time.
You do not need (or want) a supervisor telling you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You can keep yourself motivated and focused on a task and get it done by the deadline.

6. You have an amazing work ethic.
One of the many reasons I love working with women who are in the second half of their life is that they have the most incredible work ethic. They’re honest, personable, professional and organized.

No Need For A Degree Or Experience As An Administrative Professional

Before becoming a VA, I was a marketing manager at a Fortune 500 corporation. Successful VAs I’ve trained were once teachers, nurses, stay-at-home moms, human resources specialists, accountants, real estate agents, and hairdressers.

There is no certification or degree required to work as a Virtual Assistant. In fact, you can use skills you already have to begin earning quickly.

  • Cindy, formerly a real estate agent, became a real estate VA.
  • Dawn, formerly an English teacher, became a ghostwriter.
  • Tori, formerly an IT specialist, became a techie guru.

Intrigued by this booming “remote” business you can run from anywhere and everywhere? Watch for the second article in this Virtual Assistant series. You’ll discover how much VAs really earn (it’s more than you think) and the top 7 benefits to building your own Virtual Assistant business.

To see how I can help you start your own Virtual Assistant business and achieve your goals, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

Why You Need a Business Coach to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistant businessIn a DIY world, it can be hard to admit that there are some things that are not beneficial to do by yourself. Can you figure out how to run a successful business on your own? As a self-motivated, intelligent person, sure you can. But will that get your business to the point you want it to be?

One of the best ways to invest in yourself and your business is to hire a business coach who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Investing in a business coach will open up more doors for you than you could ever imagine. A coach can take your virtual assistant business from a functioning business to a thriving business. If you want your business to boom, you need a business coach to guide you, inspire you, and encourage you along the way.

A business coach will help you grow your virtual assistant business because she…

Is Already an Expert

When you invest in a business coach, you’re learning from someone who has already created a successful business. Possibly multiple successful businesses. A business coach already knows how to build a business from the ground up. She has already achieved what you want to achieve. She understands the virtual assistant business world. She understands how to create your business so that you are highly marketable to clients. She can guide, advise, teach, and refocus you when needed to ensure that your virtual assistant business thrives.

Has Been in Your Shoes

A business coach who has already created a successful business not only understands how to build a business, but she also understands how it feels. She has been in your shoes. She understands the challenges and frustrations you face. She’s experienced the celebrations and achievements that keep you going. She knows the daily and long-term pressures of running your own business. With all her experience, your coach will be your on the sidelines to encourage you as you reach some of the most challenging yet rewarding goals you’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing.

Has a Knowledgeable Network

As someone who has already built a successful business, the network of knowledgeable, experienced colleagues your business coach brings with her will be an incredible asset to you as your grow your business. This network will be a group of people who have also been in your shoes, and who can offer different perspectives, tips, opinions, and answers to your questions. They, too, have been in your shoes or are learning right along with you. They can introduce you to new tools or methods to better serve your clients. Your coach’s network of incredible business people can open up new opportunities for you as you grow your business.

Sets High Goals for Herself

A business coach who sets high goals for her own business is someone who is truly investing in helping your achieve your goals. She has already established a successful business and she knows what it takes to get there. She also has high expectations for herself, and her goal is to help you achieve yours. Therefore, she will push you to set goals that you may not even believe you can accomplish. Her job is to make you believe it. She will get you to step out of your comfort zone. She will stretch you further than you thought possible. As a result, you will reap the benefits and your business will grow.

Knows Your Success is Inevitable

In the business world, a coach will only take in people that she believes has true potential. The job of a coach is to make you believe you can achieve your goals even when the dark cloud is hovering and you can’t see the sun on the other side. She believes that your success is inevitable. She believes in YOU.

Can you build a successful virtual assistant business? With the help of coach, the question isn’t a matter of CAN. Instead, it’s a matter of WHEN. Start now. You need a business coach to help you grow your virtual assistant business to the level you’ve imagined.

To see how I can help you grow your virtual assistant business and achieve your goals, apply for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now at

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

Virtual Assistant BusinessIn the business world, owners make investments that will help the long term productivity of their business. They invest in things that help the business function and grow. As a Virtual Assistant business owner, it’s easy to forget that YOU are your business. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in yourself to not only make yourself more productive, but also to help your business thrive.

When you invest in yourself and your business, you stay productive and competitive in an ever-growing market. You keep yourself in the mindset of achieving your goals and you provide your clients with the best. When you make a decision to invest in yourself, you make the decision that you and your business are valuable enough to truly thrive.

How to invest in yourself to grow your Virtual Assistant business:

1. Hire a Coach

Top performing athletes have coaches to train them, guide them, and encourage them. In order to be a top performing Virtual Assistant business owner, a great way to invest in yourself and your business is to hire a coach who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Think about it: Don’t you want someone there to train, guide, and encourage you who has already been in your shoes? And not only been in your shoes, but someone who has thrived. Someone who has reached their goals and knows what they’re doing. Your coach can help you grow your business in ways that you may not have even thought of yet.

2. Take a Vacation

Running your own Virtual Assistant business can be overwhelming, especially since your business consists of you and only you. The best way to rejuvenate and prevent burnout is to invest in a vacation. Get out of your normal environment. Experience new things. Relax. See places you’ve always dreamed of seeing. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to travel  for a vacation, you can always take a stay-cation. Focus on activities you wouldn’t normally wouldn’t do. Do things in your community that you normally don’t have time to participate in. Vacations not only rejuvenate your body and mind, but they always remind you your purpose for doing what you do. You work hard in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Therefore, take the time to live it.

3. Take Trainings

Businesses invest copious amounts of money to train their employees to ensure that they are providing the best service to their clients. Professional development builds skills, knowledge, and expertise, and makes great returns for the business. As a virtual assistant, you know this profession is constantly changing. There’s constantly new programs that can help you best serve your clients. Therefore, investing in training to remain an expert in your area of expertise is vital to the growth of your business. Your clients want the best. When you can provide them with the best, they will pay for it.

4. Take Time for the Small Things

Again, it’s important to rejuvenate your body and mind to prevent burnout. Unfortunately, you can’t take a vacation every day. You can, however, take time for small things that can give you a boost of energy to keep you going. Take walks. Get a manicure or pedicure. Go to the gym. Schedule some time with friends. Go to a movie. Do small things many times a week. Taking a little time for yourself makes you more focused and more productive.

5. Set Goals

Investing in yourself and your business means that you have goals for the growth of your virtual assistant business. Set short term and long term goals that challenge you to make strides to grow your business. These goals should be aimed toward getting your business where you want it to be. Major bonus: the coach you invest in can encourage you and help you achieve these goals.

As women, we tend to focus on the needs of others and our business, but leave little time for ourselves. Investing in doing things that keep you sane and happy will also help you grow your business. Investing in YOU is the best gift you can give yourself.

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Lost Your Day Job?: Build a Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

Home Based BusinessLike many women, your day job brings in a steady income that your family relies on in order to live the life to which you’re accustomed. You’re skilled in your profession and you undoubtedly work hard at your job. There’s comfort in having a job with a dependable income. That comfort allows you to make financial decisions based on your current income—having children, buying a house, buying a car, or travelling. Unfortunately, a hard reality of life is that many are faced with the hardship of losing their job, and, as a result, the comfort that steady income brings. We all believe and hope this couldn’t be us. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. Think about it: What would you do if you lost your day job?

Luckily, in a world where technology allows us to communicate all over the world in an instant, the opportunities for building a successful home based business online is a reality. Losing your day job can be devastating, but you don’t have to let it shatter you. Starting a home based business as a virtual assistant can be your answer to finding a dependable income where you don’t have to ever worry about losing your job again.

Building a Home Based Business: Where do you start?


1. Empower Yourself

Instead of drowning in your setback of losing your day job, think of this as another hurdle in life that you have to jump over. Believe in yourself. Jump with pride, dignity, and grace. Let your inner strength sing loud. Trust that you are enough. Believe in your ability, your strength, your motivation, and your intelligence. You can build a successful home based business that allows you to live the life you’ve always envisioned. You can create your own success, and the first step to reaching your goals is believing in yourself.

2. Assess Your Skills

The amazing thing about creating your own home based business is that you’re already equipped with the skills you need in order to succeed. Think about the tasks you completed in your day job in which you excelled. Were you good at answering emails, answering phone calls, writing, marketing, etc.? Offer those services to clients. When first creating your business, start with what you know. You can always learn new skills as your business grows. When you’re first starting out, don’t stress yourself out by offering a lot of services that are brand new to you.

3. Do What You Enjoy

As a virtual assistant, your business is anything you want it to be. Therefore, you can pick the types of services you provide your clients. If you don’t like completing a specific task, you don’t have to offer that service. Running your own business is your opportunity to enjoy what you’re doing while making the steady income you need. As you start your home based business as a virtual assistant, it’s a blank canvas and you can paint it however you desire. You hold the brush and you’re in control; therefore, do what you enjoy.

4. Pick Your Clients

The best part of creating a home based business where you’re the boss is exactly that—you’re the boss. Will you ever lose a client? Sure. Don’t think of that as a setback. Think of it as a way to explore another opportunity that will lead you to more success. On the other hand, you get to decide whether you will accept a client. Unlike the corporate world where you likely were forced to work with many people you didn’t exactly mesh with, in your home based business as a virtual assistant you don’t have to be bogged down by anyone you don’t enjoy working with. Since you’re in control of every aspect of your business, you don’t have to get stuck working with people you don’t enjoy.

5. Thrive

In your home based business as a virtual assistant, you will thrive. You can work as much as you want and whenever you want. You have the power to make decisions that drives your success. You are in control. You are the boss. Therefore, you can set yourself on a path to live the life you’ve always imagined and more.

As the saying goes, “Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.” When you lose your job, you are in control of your comeback. Empower yourself, believe in yourself, and thrive!

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Your Virtual Assistant Business: What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Virtual Assistant BusinessWhy did you decide to create a virtual assistant business? Did you desire more flexibility in your schedule? Were you sick of your traditional job? Did you long for a career that is more conducive to having a family by allowing you to work from home? Whether you’ve been a virtual assistant for a long time, you’re just starting out, or you’re trying to decide if a virtual assistant business is right for you, you ventured into this career with a desire to live your life to the fullest and without limitations. However, like most facets of life, your virtual assistant business is bound to weather some storms.

If you’re like most of us, you’re likely not a stranger to failure. The word failure has such a negative connotation, but if you think about it, where would you be if you never experienced failure? Everyone makes mistakes; everyone falls into ruts; everyone has times where they feel like they don’t have the power to change their circumstance. Are you at a point in your virtual assistant business where it’s just not going the way you envisioned and you feel like giving up? Remember this: YOU are in control of your success; therefore, YOU have the power to change whatever it is that’s holding you back. Instead of focusing on failure, change your mindset to believe in your potential and be resilient to the challenges you face.

Tools to help you believe in your potential and help you rise above your challenges:

Set Goals

In your virtual assistant business, you must set long-term and short term goals. What do you need to achieve in your business to truly live the life you envision? Explicitly write out your goals and make a plan for how you will achieve them. Don’t skimp on your goals. Set the bar high. You can adjust your plan for achieving those goals as successes and challenges arise. However, your goals are static. Don’t adjust the magnitude of your goals just because you’re scared. Believe in this: With a positive mindset and the belief that you are in control, you can achieve lofty dreams.

Accept the Feeling of Being Uncomfortable

Creating, establishing, and growing your virtual assistant business pushes you into taking risks. Taking risks is scary. This feeling is completely normal—embrace it. When you venture into the unknown, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable. Instead of letting that fear consume you and hold you back, use the fear to motivate you to keep pushing forward. Work through the fear, stretch yourself beyond your comfort level, and believe in yourself.

Make a Plan for Overcoming Challenges

When running your virtual assistant business, you will come across challenges that you never anticipated. Of course, no one wants to make mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable. However, your mistakes should not stifle your productivity or success. As with anything else, use your mistakes to help you grow. How will you move forward when faced with a challenge? Give yourself the time and space to process and learn from your mistakes. Take a walk. Confide in a friend. Play with your kids or pets. Take a long, hot bath. Whatever it is that you do to give yourself the time and space to process your challenges, be resilient. Rise above your challenges. Use them to make you stronger and keep moving forward.

Let Go of Self-Doubt

You are responsible for your own success. You have the power to create the virtual assistant business you desire. Unfortunately, we are sometimes our own worst enemy. Do you flood your mind with thoughts of self-doubt stifling your ability to take on challenges that would allow you to reach your true potential? Often times other people believe in our potential way more than we believe in our own. Therefore, in order to grow the virtual assistant business of your dreams, you must let go of the doubt that plagues your success. Instead, celebrate your accomplishments. Focus on your successes. When you stop giving into self-doubt, you empower yourself to reach your goals.

Ask for Help

So often, we make the mistake of thinking that asking for help shows weakness. On the contrary, asking for help empowers you to reach your full potential. As the world changes, your virtual assistant business will also change. You’re not going to know everything, but you should strive to be a lifelong learner. You want to provide the best services to your clients. Therefore, you need to ask for help—training or coaching—in order to reach your full potential and draw in high paying clients.

When you feel like giving up, remember that YOU have the potential to create a highly successful virtual assistant business. Set goals. Take risks. Be resilient to challenges. Let go of self-doubt. Ask for help.

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