5 Tips to Make Your Connections Count in Your Virtual Assistant Business

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In the Virtual Assistant world, we are often advised to network to attract new clients. Networking is a valuable and effective tool that can help you reach new clients.

Being smart and selective with networking can lead to great results for your virtual assistant business. Here are five tips to help make your connections count:

1. Don’t just socialize – select.
True networking isn’t just hanging out and being friendly, it’s meeting the right people. While you want to get along with potential clients, it’s still important to be selective. Ask yourself “Is this person in my target market? How could they benefit from my services?” Be ready to share with them when the time comes.

2. Get outside your comfort zone.
Generally, we gravitate toward people who are similar to us. Yes, it is still good to be in virtual assistant groups, but it’s also imperative to branch out and join the groups where your target market hangs out. Make informative comments on posts or even give compliments to get the ball rolling in conversation.

3. Know when to move on.
No matter how selective you were on the front end, don’t make the mistake of giving any particular individual or group all of your time if you aren’t seeing results or getting quality advice. Remember that your time is valuable.

4. Manage the follow up.
Connecting once or twice does not automatically create a beneficial relationship. How you follow up with that contact is just as important as how you made your first impression. Don’t wait until you need something to follow up with them. Find a way to create value when you follow up. Send them an interesting article or connect them with a potential client. Create reasons to stay in touch.

5. Give back.
Successful networking is a two-way street. Most of us start by asking for help and advice, but as we become more knowledgeable, we gain the means to help others. When possible, give those less experienced a piece of advice or recommendation. As their business takes off and they start to network, you could be their next referral.

By having a plan and sticking to it as well as keeping an eye on what’s working and what’s not working, you will make each connection count. If you’re ready to expand your VA business, apply for a free “Transform Your Business” Breakthrough Session at http://expertvatraining.com/free-strategy-session/


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