Too Much Competition in the Virtual Assistant Business?

Virtual AssistantWhen it comes to facing competition, there are generally three types of people:

  • Those who work great under pressure and love a little competition.
  • Those who fold under pressure and allow competition to intimidate them.
  • Those who fall somewhere in between—they’re aware of the competition, but don’t allow the competition to distract them from their own goals.

Which type of person are you?

Is there competition in the Virtual Assistant profession? Yes. But what constitutes too much competition? And is competition a negative part of the profession?

Often, competition is a positive force that helps drive the market. It makes pricing competitive. It allows clients to tailor their selection of a Virtual Assistant to their exact needs. It also allows you to find clients in your specific area of expertise.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to recognize that competition can be a catalyst that leads to you becoming the best version of yourself.

How can that happen?  

Focus on YOU

Athletes deal with competition all the time. Undoubtedly, they have moments where they think that someone else must be faster, stronger, and better than them. Do they let that stop them? No. They keep training, working hard, and improving their techniques and skills in order to perform at optimum levels when it matters. As a Virtual Assistant, you face the same type of competition. The key is not to focus on the competition. It only breeds fear. Instead, spend your energy on setting and achieving your own goals. A marathon runner doesn’t start out by running a marathon. They run the first jog, they train, and they eat right. They start with small, attainable goals with their bigger goal of running a marathon in mind. As a virtual assistant, set a big goal that scares you. Then create smaller goals that will ultimately help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Recognize that Clients Need You

There is a multitude of clients out there who will and can benefit from the services you provide. Many of them don’t even realize how much time and energy hiring you as a virtual assistant will save them. It is important to research your target market to find out what services they truly need. Develop a strong sense of who your potential clients are and what they want. Use this information to leverage your position as an expert who can provide a solution to the problems they face. You become the solution to the problem and they will value you for that. Therefore, they will pay good money for your services because you understand how to help them achieve their goals.

Accentuate What Sets You Apart

In order to be a good Virtual Assistant, you may not be able to provide every service a client may need. However, you have a skill set in which you already excel and enjoy. Focus on your strengths. Invest your time and energy into becoming an expert in a few services your target market needs. Think of it this way: In your business, it’s better to have four quarters than 100 pennies. If you have 100 pennies, you can’t focus on all of them, and, by nature, they hold less value. However, when you only have four quarters to focus on, you can spend time focusing on each one which makes them more valuable. By specializing in a smaller number of services, you will be able to focus on those services prove that you produce high-quality work. This will set you apart from your competition. It will drive your prices up and clients will be happy to pay more for your services because they know they are getting the best.

Keep a Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that states: “Be better today than you were yesterday.” This can hold true in almost all facets of life. Every day keep your focus and energy on striving to do better, learn more, improve, and grow. Let mistakes be opportunities for growth. Perfection is not the goal, but becoming better and improving is. Let go of the negativity that holds you back. Keep your focus on yourself instead of your competition. You can’t control what your competition is doing, but you do have the power to keep a positive mindset and achieve your goals.

Competition—friend or foe? Friend! It is your opportunity to learn more, to refine your skills, and to soar! Avoid the temptation to let the fear of competition hinder your desire to become an expert Virtual Assistant. Instead, use fear of competition as a tool to motivate you to get stronger, improve, and keep moving forward.

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