3 Massive Mistakes That Kill Webinar Attendance

Webinars are a great way to establish your expertise, deliver value to your target market, and build a connection while you sell your products and services. But you must get people to attend your webinar in order to reap these benefits. … Continue reading

Turn Your Emails Into Automated Marketing Machines

You send hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of emails every week. Leverage the marketing power of your emails automatically by adding a professional, effective, automated email signature. Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot A good email signature is a chance to stand … Continue reading

7 Most Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

I used to read a book to my kids where Big Bird from Sesame Street said ” it’s o.k. everyone makes mistakes”. This statement is especially true when it comes to marketing an Internet business too. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

What to Twitter About?

Twitter is a great marketing tool if you want to keep in touch with people on a quick, “in-and-out” basis. It allows you to build connection with your prospects and clients, as well as direct them to your website and … Continue reading

How To Maximize The Potential Of Marketing Legitimate Home Based Businesses In Forums

Many people are aware of the potential of marketing in forums but they are unsure of how to do it. This can be a great place to find a targeted audience if you play your cards right. By following these … Continue reading

Make Something Happen

Make something happen…or nothing will happen. It’s as simple and brutal as that. You can sit around and complain – that you don’t have enough time to market…that marketing is too complicated…too hard…that you aren’t any good at it. How … Continue reading

Be a Marketing Sales Ambassador

So if marketing is all about fostering a relationship, then how does selling fit in? Well, first off you’ve got to take a look at your view of selling. Selling is not being pushy, it isn’t brainwashing and it’s not … Continue reading

When Common Sense is Wrong for Your Marketing

When I worked in advertising and broadcast we always used to roll our eyes when the client would say, I KNOW that this is the best TV program/radio station/magazine/newspaper to reach my customers. This of course was usually based on … Continue reading

Know Thy Target Market!

You need to understand who they are and what motivates them. You want to paint a picture of who these people are — their habits, vital statistics (demographics), their character or personality (psychographics) and their buying habits. Let me expand … Continue reading

What Have You Done for Your Network Lately?

Savvy professionals continuously manage their careers by creating visibility in their professional communities and creating authentic relationships with people who could be in a position to help them if they ever find themselves in a job search. Develop a networking … Continue reading