Life as a Virtual Assistant: When Starting is the Hardest Part

Putting things off. Stalling. Delaying the inevitable. Procrastination. Whether it’s household chores, work tasks, or significant business decisions, sometimes it seems easier to put things off than it is to get started and conquer whatever lies in front of you. … Continue reading

The Best Investment to Get Your Virtual Assistant Business Off to a Great Start

Uncertainty is a normal part of starting a business. There are a lot of choices to make, decisions to weigh, and the future to think about. Therefore, making the first steps to becoming a Virtual Assistant can feel like a … Continue reading

Plan for the New Year and Boost Your Virtual Assistant Business

With a new year comes excitement to create new beginnings and to make this year better than the last. A new year is a reminder that you can move forward, reach your goals, and accomplish your dreams. Whether you’ve been … Continue reading

How to Maintain Balance as a Virtual Assistant

You wake up in the morning full of hope. You’ve got a full schedule and you’re ready to check those tasks off your to-do list. With productivity fueling you, you start your day. Breakfast cooked and served. Check. Dishes done. … Continue reading

How to Overcome Rejection as a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant and small business owner, you must be willing to put yourself out there to get and keep clients. Rejection, unfortunately, comes with the territory. “The Pain of Social Rejection,” an article written for the American Psychological … Continue reading

What it Costs to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business in the First Year

Like all new businesses, you’ll incur start-up costs for your new Virtual Assistant (VA) business. Unlike most new businesses, a VA business has very low start-up costs. Your start-up costs will probably be even lower because you likely have many … Continue reading

5 Challenges You May Encounter as a Virtual Assistant and How to Overcome Them

Becoming a virtual assistant opens your world to so many opportunities that you don’t get to enjoy in the same way when you work in a traditional job. You have the freedom to work from anywhere, set your own hours, … Continue reading

Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business: Don’t Be a ‘Yes’ Person

Often, it is in our nature as women to put others before ourselves. Women feel pressure to provide for every need of other people. This causes us to fall into the trap of saying ‘yes’ all the time even to … Continue reading