How to Boost Your Productivity When You Work from Home

The freedom you have when you work from home definitely has its perks, but it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Without the designated time and space of a traditional work schedule, it is necessary implement strategies to combat … Continue reading

7 ways to make every minute of your working day count

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Time Management for Busy Businessowners

More and more often, clients have been asking me, “how do you get it all done, Alicia?” “I don’t know you how do it, Alicia…with a little one running around and so few hours in the day to actually focus … Continue reading

Make An Action List For Your Business!

What changes should I make for the New Year? What are my income goals, and how do I plan to get there? These questions have always been part of my annual business analysis. Once I have set my goals for … Continue reading