Build Your Business by Starting as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor

virtual assistant subcontractorWhen you’re first starting out, there are many aspects of your business that can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are options for you as a virtual assistant to start earning money quickly.

A great way to start is working under an experienced virtual assistant or with a team of virtual assistants.

Working as a virtual assistant subcontractor means that you’re carrying out a portion of the tasks under another virtual assistant’s contract. When you perform work as a subcontractor, another virtual assistant (VA) delegates tasks that are within your area of expertise to you. You’re not an employee. Instead, you work either on a project by project basis or as a certain number of hours each month performing specific tasks.

Benefits of Starting Your Business as a Virtual Assistant Subcontractor:

You Start Earning Money Quickly

As a VA subcontractor, you don’t have to worry about marketing your business or finding clients. Therefore, by working under someone who finds the clients and projects, you can begin working immediately. Because you’re subcontracting, you won’t be paid as much as you would if you were finding your own clients. However, you may start earning earlier than you would if you were working independently on your own business.

You ARE able to Learn from an Expert

As a virtual assistant subcontractor, you’re likely working with a team of VAs where each of you is responsible for certain tasks of a bigger project or you’re working for an established VA who delegates specific tasks to you. In either scenario, you’re working with someone who has built a successful virtual assistant business. She is responsible for finding potential clients and converting them to paying clients. Because her reputation is on the line, she is also checking over the work of the VAs she subcontracts work to ensuring everything is done to the level expected. Therefore, you benefit from having an established, successful virtual assistant to learn from as you build your skills.

You’re Behind the Scenes

For some people, the thought of having to contact potential clients and market your own business elicits extreme anxiety. Cold calls and marketing can feel extremely uncomfortable especially if you’re not an outgoing person. Fortunately, by starting as a VA subcontractor, you’re able to be completely behind the scenes if that is your desire. If you prefer not to have any one-on-one contact or limited contact with clients, subcontracting is a great option for you.

Gives You Time to Fine Tune You’re Expertise

As a VA subcontractor, you’re able to practice your skills without the pressure of being the face of the business. Many times, the fear of not truly being an expert makes people feel very uncomfortable when dealing with clients. Since you’re behind the scenes as a VA subcontractor, you’re able to practice the services you want to provide to clients. It gives you time to really get good at those skills to become a true expert. In the future, if you decide you want to work independently, you can venture into that journey feeling confident in your expertise.

Build Confidence Without Anxiety

By working as a virtual assistant subcontractor and giving yourself time to learn under someone who has experience and who has built a successful business, you give yourself the opportunity to build your confidence. Yet, you’re not under the pressure of independently finding your projects and clients. You’re able to learn from an expert, build your expertise, and gain experience. As a result, you build your confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your business.

When first starting your virtual assistant business, starting as a contractor is a great way to build your skills and learn from an expert without feeling overwhelmed by having to bring in your own clients and market your own business.

Subcontracting can give you the time to build your confidence and knowledge while earning money and learning the process of building your own, independent virtual assistant business.

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