Criticism: How to Use it to Improve Your Virtual Assistant Business

As you continue to develop your virtual assistant business, no matter how fabulous your service is, you’ll run in to criticism from clients. Here are five tips to help you use criticism to improve your virtual assistant business:

1. Do not become defensive: The person giving you feedback might have a reasonable point, which you’ll never pick up on if you’re busy thinking about how to defend yourself. Do not blame someone else or make excuses. Instead, stay professional and learn from this situation.

2. Look for seeds of truth: It’s not easy to take an honest look at yourself and your weaknesses, but you can only grow if you’re willing to do this. Criticism opens you up to new perspectives and new ideas you may not have considered. If the criticism has merit, listen to the feedback objectively and be sure you understand it.

3. Get a second (or third) opinion: Often, it’s very difficult to step back from the situation and assess it accurately. When that happens, ask a trusted colleague, mentor or coach for their opinions.

4. Take corrective action: When the criticism is valid, consider your options to rectify the situation or resolve the problem. Then put your plan in to action.

5. Do not beat yourself up: Even though we’d all like to be perfect, we are not. Receiving constructive criticism is a good thing – although it doesn’t usually feel very good at first. When you discover weaknesses and work on them without getting down on yourself, you’ll experience far more happiness, peace, enjoyment, and success.

Handling criticism well and learning from it without losing your confidence is a must if you want to do big things in life. And I know you do or you wouldn’t have started your own business!

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