4 Ways You Can Use Your Executive Assistant Expertise to Build Your Own Successful Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

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Start Your Own Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

As we travel further into the twenty-first century, the needs of companies are changing and they are seeking more cost-effective methods of getting work done. As a result, where executive assistants once played a pivotal role in the daily flow of a business, virtual assistants are stepping onto the scene as a practical choice for many businesses. In fact, US News reports that the number of executive assistant jobs is predicted to decline by 6 percent by the year 2024 due to the ability of companies to hire administrative assistants who are paid significantly less. In addition, employers can skip the overhead pay and hassle of hiring a full-time employee by hiring a virtual assistant. However, if you’re an executive assistant, don’t despair. Bank on your skill-set and knowledge to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant. While there are differences in the two professions, there’s no doubt that the skills, experience, and expertise you’ve acquired as an executive assistant will help you thrive as a virtual assistant. How can you use your skills as an executive assistant to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant business?

1. You choose the tasks you provide for clients.

One of the first things you need to decide as a virtual assistant and as the owner of your own home based business is what your target market—your clientele—needs and tailor your services to fit their needs. Fortunately, you’ve rehearsed and fine-tuned your skill set in your role as an executive assistant. You already possess the expertise you need to thrive as a virtual assistant. However, as a virtual assistant, you’re not constrained to all the tasks you’ve done as an executive assistant. You have the luxury of choosing the services you provide. If you absolutely hate scheduling meetings or answering emails, you don’t have to offer those services to your clients. When you create your own home based business, the ultimate goal is for you to be happy and love what you’re doing.
If you don’t know where to begin to determine your target market, check out Hoovers Industry Directories to find out what interests you. Research your target market to find out what services they need and what you’d enjoy doing for them.

2. You understand the pressure of business.

In your role as an executive assistant, you’ve surely felt the pressure of deadlines, big meetings, and important events. You recognize that no day is the same. You’ve experienced firsthand that there are a variety of tasks that can come up in an instant that can change the course of the rest of the day. You understand how to manage those unpredictable tasks with finesse. Additionally, you know the pressure your clients feel because you’ve worked closely with your boss in the business world. You know your client hired a virtual assistant because she doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to complete specific tasks. With this knowledge and your experience in the business world, you can anticipate your clients’ needs. This insight will be advantageous as you help your clients achieve their goals.

3. You already know business.

Your experience working in a business will undoubtedly help you format your own business as a virtual assistant. As an executive assistant, you spent innumerable hours completing the tasks that keep a business running. Again, you’re already a pro. You’ve been privy to what works, what saves time, and what doesn’t work at all. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time trying figure out the best way to accomplish something; you’ve already perfected that. In this sense, you’re already off to a great start building your own successful home based business.

4. You have an experienced perspective.

You know the deepest needs of your target market. Because you’ve worked in a business setting where you worked closely with your boss, you understand the daily and long-term struggles your clients face. As a result, you have the ability to empathize with your clients. You have the ability to provide insights that will help them achieve their ultimate goals. Due to your experience perspective, your clients will value your input on the inner workings of their business.
There is no doubt that you can use your skills and expertise as an executive assistant to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant, and to help your clients achieve their goals.
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