Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Work From HomeDo you find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to get everything done? Much less get everything done successfully? It’s no doubt that life is always a balancing act of responsibilities. Right now, you may be working a full-time nine to five job, listening to that little voice in your head that says: “If only I could work from home, then it would be so much easier to balance everything.” The idea of being able to work from home seems like a dream, and becoming a virtual assistant can make that possible. However, as with anything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the work from home lifestyle of a virtual assistant.

The Advantages

1. Your schedule is flexible.

Being virtual assistant who works from home, you have the freedom to ask yourself what time of day you are inherently the most productive. In contrast to having a face-to-face job, you’re not controlled by the time constraints of regular business hours. You can begin work, end work, get ready for the day (or not!), or take your dog for a walk anytime you want. You also can do activities or errands you wouldn’t have the time to do if you were constrained by regular business hours. For example, you can take that yoga class at 9:30am on Thursdays. You can go to your kid’s field trip or volunteer in her class. You can run your errands during the day so you don’t have to compete with the rush hour hustle and bustle. When you work from home, the freedom is yours to schedule your work day as you see fit.

2. You get to pick your clients and the services you provide.

As virtual assistant who works from home, you are the owner of your business. Therefore, you get to decide what services you provide based on what you enjoy doing. You can start with what you’re already good at, but you also have the freedom to be a lifelong learner to expand the services you offer. Additionally, you get to choose who your clients are. You can pick what business your clients are in, what type of clients you want to do business with, and you can choose not to work for a client if you feel it’s not working out. Your business can be anything you want it to be.

3. You can forego the professional attire.

Never cram your feet into uncomfortable shoes again. Instead, when you work from home as a virtual assistant, find comfort in the fact that you can complete your work wearing anything you deem comfortable. Your client won’t know if you show up to a phone conference in your pajamas and slippers. Another plus: you can also save money because you don’t have to buy business attire.

4. Your coworkers are always positive…and charming.

Often times, in the business world, you may find that your coworkers can be a bit overwhelming because they want to wallow in the sorrows of the world or gab incessantly about their perfect children, making you feel anxiety-ridden and annoyed. However, when you work from home, your canine companion can sit at your feet as you work and be your ever-positive sounding board. And, when your canine coworker senses you need a break from your work, he might charm you with those adorable eyes into taking a little stroll around the neighborhood. And, if you don’t have a dog, you may find that you don’t miss the distraction of having coworkers interrupt you throughout the day.

The Disadvantages

1. Your To-Do List is exponential.

It seems like it is just part of life that To-Do lists are never-ending regardless of your work environment. The downfall to this when you work from home as a virtual assistant is that your To-Do list can feel like it’s mocking you since everything you have to do in always in front of your face. When you work outside your home, there’s a separation between work tasks and home tasks. There are tasks you only can complete at work and there are tasks you only can complete at home. But when you’re working from home, that separation doesn’t exist. It can be difficult to ignore the laundry and dusting while you’re trying to complete your work. However, you have the freedom to schedule your day as you desire, so if you’re someone who can’t ignore the household tasks and focus on your business tasks, then you can schedule accordingly to prioritize those tasks.

2. You have to make a conscious effort to exercise.

Because you don’t have to leave your house to go to work and all of your work is done sitting down when you work at home as a virtual assistant, you can go through the day without much physical activity. As many studies have told us, exercise is important to your mental and physical health. Therefore, as someone who works from home, this just means you have to be more intentional about making the time to engage in physical activity. Luckily, you have the flexibility to schedule it in as part of your day.

3. You may experience cabin fever.

Because you don’t have to drive to get to work, you can go days without ever leaving the house. There’s no distinction between where you work and where you live. Being cooped up in your house for days on end can wear on you. However, working at home as a virtual assistant doesn’t mean you always have to be home to do your work. You can take your work with you anywhere you can get an internet connection. With many business offering free Wi-Fi, you can take your work outside of your house to give yourself some variety.

4. You find you miss adult interaction.

There may be some benefits of replacing your human coworkers with their canine counterparts. However, as social creatures we crave and thrive upon human interaction. Working from home as a virtual assistant means that you can’t just walk to the cubicle next to you whenever need a quick chat. Like finding time to exercise, you have to be more intentional about making time for social interactions. Call a friend to meet you for coffee. Take a class about a hobby you’re interested in. Or join a group with people who have similar interests or experiences as you.

While the advantages and disadvantages of being a virtual assistant who works from home are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes you may enjoy the ability to schedule the day as you please. While at other times, you may crave the structure of working outside the home. However, by being intentional about how you structure your day, you can create a thriving business as a virtual assistant and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

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