Life as a Virtual Assistant: When Starting is the Hardest Part

virtual assistantPutting things off. Stalling. Delaying the inevitable. Procrastination.

Whether it’s household chores, work tasks, or significant business decisions, sometimes it seems easier to put things off than it is to get started and conquer whatever lies in front of you.

The action of just getting started often meets the most opposition.

There’s always something more entertaining than household chores. Or, if you’re grappling with the decision to quit your current job to become a Virtual Assistant, you let all the risks or uncertainties be your excuse for not a making major business decision.

But, when you delay starting, what’s the outcome?

If it’s household chores, you know you’re eventually going to have to do them. Unfortunately, magic fairies that leave your house in sparkles aren’t real.

Likewise, putting off work-related tasks yields the same results. Eventually, you must do them, but you’re rushed and stressed out as a result of your own procrastination.

And, what are the results of delaying major business decisions? You remain stuck in an unfulfilling job? You stay stagnant knowing you’re not reaching your full potential?

The consequences of not starting seem worse than taking that first action and conquering what’s in front of you to accomplish something that will ultimately lead to a more gratifying life.

After taking the first step to accomplish tasks or make a big decision, the subsequent steps will be a lot easier. After you just get started, you can get into a groove, make a plan, build your map to success, and keep moving forward to accomplishing your goals.

But finding that elusive motivation that gives you that little nudge—or push—to get started often serves as a roadblock to your success.

How do you overcome the challenge of getting started as a Virtual Assistant?

By avoiding procrastination and delaying the inevitable, you open yourself up to more time, more energy, and a more productive work environment.


On a daily basis, be mindful of most important tasks you need to accomplish. Once you know your priorities, schedule specific times to complete the most pressing tasks of your day. Identifying the tasks that take precedent in your day, allows you to focus on one particular task at a time without feeling bombarded by all the other things you need to accomplish. It gives you focus and perspective.

Furthermore, if you have repetitive tasks that you do daily or weekly, schedule those in on the same days. Then, you can prioritize your tasks within a structure that’s already familiar. Thus, you increase your productivity and decrease your stress and anxiety.

If you’re grappling with a big business decision, prioritize your reasons for even entertaining the idea. Then, use those reasons to inspire your choice. What do you want to change in your life that serves as motivation for this decision? What will you gain if you take the first step? Why is it important to you? What’s holding you back? Can you create a plan that will enable you to feel comfortable with the process after you make the decision?

Recognize You’re in Control

You have a choice to make. You can give in to procrastination and live with the consequences. Or, you can set specific goals and time frames in which to achieve your goals.

Most often, the only person standing in your way is you.

Therefore, set goals, make plans, schedule specific times to dedicate to particular tasks, and get out of your own way.

Let Go of Perfection

Often the task itself, especially if its unfamiliar, challenging, or time consuming, is intimidating. And, the intimidation of the task itself is compounded by the desire for perfection. Let go of perfection. Getting something done is much more important than getting it perfect.

Leave yourself time to go back to revisit the task. Make changes and tweaks until it feels right. But, let go of the expectation of getting it perfect on the first try.

Take the Time for the Things You Enjoy

Make room in your life for the things you love. Taking even minimal breaks during the day to do something you enjoy can have a significant impact on your productivity.

An Entrepreneur article that addressing the importance of taking time off states “working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardize business, health and the life you’re supposedly working toward.”

Failing to take time for yourself to do the things you love eventually leads to burning out. You need breaks—times to rest and recharge. Give yourself that time. Even the smallest investment in yourself can have a huge impact.

Ask Yourself: Is it worth it?

Sometimes the consequences of procrastination are minimal. For example, does waiting to complete your household chores until three hours later have a major impact on your life? Probably not.

But, that time does add up.

And, the bigger the task or decision that you’re putting off, the more impact it holds over your life. Do the choices you’re delaying affect your happiness or success? If so, are you willing to suspend your joy or prosperity because you’re scared of taking the first step?

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