How to Make Your Virtual Assistant Services Irresistible to Potential Clients

virtual assistantWith the number of independent contractors on the rise, there is no better time to be a Virtual Assistant. Now more than ever, entrepreneurs and independent business owners can carve out space for themselves to make a lucrative income doing what they love.

The rise of independent contractors has also created a need for Virtual Assistants to support owners as their businesses grow.

Owners cannot do everything on their own to keep up with the demands of building their business and setting themselves apart from the competition. Therefore, they rely on Virtual Assistants to work behind the scenes completing specific tasks while they focus on growing their business.

While there are a vast number of ways Virtual Assistants can support business owners, it can sometimes be difficult for them to let go of the reigns and let someone else take on an important role in their business. Therefore, it’s vital for you to clearly communicate how your services will be beneficial to them and their business to build their trust.

How to Communicate the Benefits of Your Virtual Assistant Services:

Address a Challenge

Think about what you want when you’re looking to buy a product or service. Typically, your desire for a product or service stems from a problem that needs to be solved. When weighing your options, you don’t want a lot of fluff. You just want to know if this product or service will help you solve your problem.

The same is true for potential clients when they’re looking for a Virtual Assistant. They’re most interested in how your services will help them overcome a problem they’re experiencing.

As the Virtual Assistant who offers services to a specific target market, it’s key to research the problems that target market faces. And, in your own marketing, tell a story that recognizes their challenge and shows them how hiring you will help them solve that problem.

Illustrate the Benefits

Often in product marketing, companies will demonstrate how a product works. Seeing the product in action illustrates for consumers how the product will benefit their own lives. As a Virtual Assistant, you want to do the same thing for your potential clients.

How will your services help your potential clients overcome their challenges? What are the benefits of hiring you?

These are the questions your clients will be asking themselves when they’re considering hiring a Virtual Assistant. Don’t make them guess the answers. Tell them exactly how your services will allow them to overcome their challenges. Illustrate for them how hiring you will free up their time to focus on other things that will help their business grow. Create a picture in their mind that depicts how hiring you will give them the freedom to focus on different aspects of their business. The more specific you are, the better.

Show Your Value

As consumers, we often turn to the experiences of others before making purchases or trying new restaurants. Reviews of products and restaurants provide insight into whether you’ll be happy with your own experience. Those reviews allow us to overcome uncertainty and make an informed decision.

The same is true for potential clients. They’re going to feel unsure about you. They wonder if you can really help them overcome their challenges to make their lives easier.

You need to provide information that helps them clear up uncertainties and build their trust. A great way to build trust with potential clients is to provide testimonials that communicate how you’ve helped others reach their goals. These testimonials will further illustrate for clients how hiring you will be beneficial to them and their business. Ultimately, they demonstrate your expertise and build trust with your potential clients.

Often, business owners feel overwhelmed by their current workload, or they’re faced with a task which they don’t have the expertise to complete. By focusing on the challenges they face and how their lives will change once they hire you as their Virtual Assistant, they will feel as though you really understand them. And because they trust you, they will be confident that you can help them achieve their goals.

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