Your Life as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantOne of the most commonly asked questions is: What does a Virtual Assistant do?

As a Virtual Assistant, you are your own boss. Therefore, you are a business owner who determines your services and target market and helps your clients achieve their goals.

As your own boss and the owner of your business, you’re able to specialize in what you enjoy doing and provide those services to clients. The services you provide really depends on your interests and skills. For example, if you love math and keeping track of finances, you can be a Virtual Assistant who specializes in bookkeeping services. If you’re interested in real estate, you can specialize as a real estate Virtual Assistant. It’s your business and your canvas, and you can paint it however you desire.

The Need for Virtual Assistants

The internet has opened so many doors for entrepreneurs. It has made it easier to build a successful business without having a physical space in which you carry out the daily tasks of your business. Instead, businesses are based online and people are thriving because of it.

An Entrepreneur article addresses the growth of independent contractors in the workforce: “According to a 2014 study commissioned by the Freelancers Union, 53 million Americans are independent workers — about 34 percent of the total workforce. This number is expected to balloon to 50 percent by 2020.”

The space in the workforce for Virtual Assistants is only growing, giving you the opportunity to build a successful business while living the life of your dreams.

The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

Freedom of Time

Being a Virtual Assistant gives you the opportunity to work around your life. You’re able to be present in your life.

Enjoy the little moments with your children and grandchild. Take a spontaneous day trip with a friend. Do something special for yourself that you rarely find time to fit into your hectic life. Travel around the world.

As a Virtual Assistant, you won’t be forced to choose between life’s special moments or your job. Instead, you have the luxury work around those moments that bring you joy and happiness.

The Virtual Assistant lifestyle allows you to not be tied down to traditional business hours or a cement building.

You can work anywhere you have your computer and internet access. Coffee shops, libraries, and hotel rooms are all places where you can work to maintain the lifestyle you desire. Additionally, with the ability to make your cell phone a hotspot, your office can be pretty much anywhere you are. Therefore, the beach, the mountains, or anywhere you can imagine are potential offices spaces.

The possibilities are endless. With all those options, you’re able to enjoy your life while making the money to live your life.

Help Others Achieve Their Goals

As a Virtual Assistant, you make a difference in people’s lives. You help your clients solve problems. Your role is to take over tasks that enable them to focus on the growth of their business.

Often, clients don’t have time or knowledge to do everything they need to do to build a successful business. However, your services will help them thrive.

Your time and your energy are spent doing something meaningful and fulfilling.

Invest in You

Your life is important. How you live your life and what you do factors into your happiness.

Too often, we feel run down by the demands of balancing our lives. But as a Virtual Assistant, you’re able to acknowledge your own value. You don’t have to feel stuck in an unfulfilling work environment.

Being a Virtual Assistant allows you to cash in on your talents to help others while living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Work that Grows with You

Not only is the demand for Virtual Assistants growing, but it is a career that grows with you. As you establish your business, you can take it any direction you desire.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can adapt your services to fit not only the needs of your clients but also your own interests. Unlike many traditional jobs, you’re not trapped doing the same thing the rest of your life. You can make the changes in your business to ensure that your work leaves you feeling fulfilled. You can develop your skills and grow your business to fit your interests and your lifestyle.

Taking the first steps to starting a Virtual Assistant business can feel overwhelming. To find out more about how I can help you reach your goals as you build your Virtual Assistant business, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

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