Turn Struggles into Success: Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Welcome to 2018!

virtual assistantTime for Reflection

According to a CNN Money article published in August of 2017, over fifty percent of the American workforce is dissatisfied with their job and cites four reasons that contribute to that discontentment. Those causes include 1) Little to no opportunities for advancement, 2) poor company culture, 3) being underpaid, and 4) loathsome manager and coworkers.

As you reflect on the past year, do you find that the dissatisfaction of an unfulfilling work environment is affecting more than just your professional life?

Giving time to reflection provides insight into what is and isn’t working for you both personally and professionally. With so much of you—your time, your energy, your sacrifices—given to your career, there’s no question that it impacts your personal life as well.

And, that dissatisfaction can leave you feeling drained and struggling to find purpose and balance in your life.

What improvements do you wish you could make in 2018 to cultivate a more fulfilling life?

Perhaps 2018 is your year to make a change.

It’s your life. What are you going to do with it? Maybe it’s time to stop wishing and make a change.

A career as a Virtual Assistant (VA) might be just the change you need in 2018:

Recognize Your Value

Often professional dissatisfaction stems from the feeling that you’re undervalued. You may be underpaid, have little opportunity for advancement, or stuck in a company culture that consistently leaves you drained. And, you find that you’re merely going through the motions. You get up each day and work hard just to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have complete control of your business. Because you’re an expert in your niche, you will attract high-paying clients who appreciate the services you provide. Plus, you get to do work you truly enjoy.

As a VA, you can put the days of dreading the workday behind of you where you feel like you don’t contribute anything of worth. Instead, you’ll find that you’re excited about the tasks that will fill your day.

As a Virtual Assistant, your perception of work will change. You’ll be joyful, fulfilled, and excited to make a difference that helps others achieve their goals.

Resolve the Conundrum of the Work-Life Balance

In a traditional professional setting being contracted to be at your worksite during specific times, limits your ability to enjoy life outside the confines of your workplace. Yet, as a VA, this isn’t the case.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have complete control over your business. A career as a VA allows you to have a flexible schedule—on the days you choose and during the hours that work best for you.

Need a morning off to take care of you? Need the flexibility to care for a child or grandchild? Want to travel? You don’t need to check with your boss or take any vacation time to do so.

As a Virtual Assistant, your hours, your location, and your schedule are entirely up to you. Therefore, you can make a great living while also having time to get out and enjoy life.

Set Your Own Limits

Because you have complete control over your Virtual Assistant business, you’re able to set your own limits. Instead of being told what tasks you must complete, how much money you can make, and when you’ve reached the peak of your career, you get to decide it all for yourself.

A career as a VA allows you to make the amount of money you need or desire to make while doing what you love. You also have the ability to learn something new that will create more opportunities to grow your business.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Moving forward, making changes, and starting something new can be daunting. Those little voices that sometimes feel like they’re screaming seep in and make you doubt everything you’ve decided for yourself.

That voice causes you to question your self-worth: “Who am I to think that I’m smart enough to do this? Who am I to think that I can build my own business? What if I fail?”

While these fears can be loud and deafening, remember that you are enough to build a successful business. You are smart. You have skills and experiences that have equipped you with the knowledge that will guide your success. You’ve struggled in the past, and you’ve overcome those struggles.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can be the example of an able, empowered woman who can take her struggles and turn them into something positive and successful.

In 2018, create something you’re proud of by making the change to build a successful Virtual Assistant Business on your terms.

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