Recommended Resources

Here are my favorite resources for virtual assistants. They’re what I use and love.


#1 Computer Backup Program


If you do nothing else for the safety and security of your computer, buy this backup program right now. It’s not a matter of if your computer will fail, it’s a matter of when. And that “when” could be 2 days after you purchase a new computer or 2 years. I can tell you numerous horror stories of computers being destroyed by coffee spills, lightning strikes and absolutely nothing at all that can be pinpointed. This is extremely inexpensive and extremely important. What are you waiting on? Buy now!

Website Hosting

Bluehost web hosting

I love BlueHost and use it to host both my VA website and the website you’re reading right now.

Bluehost provides extremely low-cost hosting (about $6.95 per month or less), and they’re easy to get on the phone if you have any questions or concerns.




AWeber - Email Marketing Made EasyEmail List Building, Newsletters and Autoresponders

My favorite email marketing service by far is I’ve used it exclusively to build my list, email clients and sell services.

If you know me at all, you know that I am not at all technical. In fact I call everything the least bit technical magic because that’s what it seems to be. Even I can use AWeber. That’s how easy it is.

To learn more, just click the blue AWeber logo to the left or click this link: AWeber



Build Your Business Using Customized Cards


Virtual Assistant TrainingIn seconds, you can send cards and gifts to nurture potential, current and past clients. Imagine sending a thank you card for a referral within seconds of receiving the referral.

Automatically receive emailed reminders so you never forget another birthday, holiday or anniversary.

Create customized “back of cards” like the one you see on the left to further market and brand your business.

Find out how to tap into the system to do all this inexpensively using Send Out Cards by contacting me today.



Legally Required Website Documents for Virtual Assistants and Anyone Who Owns an Online Business

I spent months researching the least expensive, most efficient way for a Virtual Assistant and other online business owners to get legal contracts and website documents so that they are compliant with the legal requirements set out by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  I’m very happy to tell you that I have found the perfect solution.  Chip Cooper, a brilliant internet lawyer, and his partner Alyn Cutts have created a very reasonably priced program that provides everything you need.

Additionally, they have a fast way of checking your site to determine if it meets FTC standards. When you conduct their FTC Auditor Pro, which is a quick and easy audit of your website, you know in literally minutes what you need to do, what action steps may need to be taken, and where you may have leaks in your policies and disclaimers. It’s only $7. Click the image below or check it out here: FTC Auditor Pro


Domain Name Resources

For about $12 per year, you can purchase .com domain names at GoDaddy.

My favorite domain name brainstorming tool is at Domain Tools. It’s easy to use and free.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: If a site, product, or service I recommend has an affiliate program, I join it. That way I have the potential to earn a few dollars for the time I spent investigating it. If you click one of the above links, I’ll be paid an affiliate fee if you make a purchase. Here is my promise: I will never recommend anything unless I have personally researched it and would recommend it to a friend for nothing. As a student of Expert VA Training or a member of Expert VA Inner Circle you can submit any product or service you’d like my opinion on, and I’ll research and assess it for you at no charge.