Here’s what graduates of Expert VA Training are saying…

Kathy’s virtual assistant training has totally changed everything in my life for the positive.

Annette Cantu websiteThinking about starting a Virtual Assistant business? Contacting Kathy Goughenour at Expert VA Training may just change everything for you. If after your free 60-minute call with her, you are not on board with the Expert VA team (unimaginable), Kathy may make a recommendation for a different coach or alternate training for you, or you may be given valuable feedback to carry you on your journey. After you talk with Kathy, you will feel empowered in whichever direction you choose to go!

If you already have a solid business but have been thinking about expanding it or building a team, and just haven’t taking that first step, make a move and contact Kathy today for that consultation. The Universe loves action.

Kathy’s virtual assistant training has totally changed everything in my life for the positive. I can’t imagine not having Kathy and the other Expert VAs in my life. You do not have to spend hours and days to find the right coach and training like I did. Come on, we are all waiting for you! — Annette Cantu, visionaryvirtualassistant.com


Working with Kathy gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed 

Alyssa Avant websiteWorking with Kathy gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to successfully relaunch my Virtual Assistant business full-time. Kathy is just what I needed to help me stay motivated and accountable. Thank you so much Kathy! – Alyssa Avant, alyssaavantandcompany.com



Under Kathy’s guidance, my confidence, knowledge, and skill set have increased tremendously

Preferred Business SolutionsBefore I hired Kathy as my business coach and trainer, I had pieces to a puzzle that I didn’t know how to properly put together. I struggled for a year trying to get my virtual assistant business off the ground. It was Kathy’s compassion and genuine interest of wanting me to succeed, regardless if I chose to to work with her as a business coach, during our free phone consultation that I knew  I would be in great hands.  After working with Kathy, my disarrayed puzzle displays a promising picture. Under Kathy’s guidance, my confidence, knowledge, and skill set have increased tremendously. Thanks, Kathy, for pushing me past my comfort zone. You ROCK as a coach! – LaNita Gordy-Pulliam, vapreferred.com

By the end of the training, I had 6 new clients and had earned back the money I spent on the training

TimeSavingVA TestimonialWhen I started the Expert VA Training Small-Group Coaching six-month program with Kathy Goughenour, I did not know too much about what a virtual assistant was, no less what my niche or target market should be. During the program, Kathy helped me choose my niche and start learning my new craft by subcontracting for another VA. By the end of the training, I had 6 new clients and had earned back the money I spent on the training and investing in myself and my company. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to be their own boss and make a great living as a virtual assistant!– Andrea Robinson, timesavingva.com

Kathy is there to help you over the hurdles

sticklervirtualassistant.comThe idea of doing virtual assistant work had been in the back of my mind for a long time because of the flexibility it offers, but I had no idea how to start. While attending a networking event, I met someone who had been successful at starting a VA business and they recommended Kathy to me. Kathy’s training has a solid lesson plan that walks you through every step to get your business up and running, but her real value is in her ability to be an encouragement. Building any business comes with a certain level of uncertainty, and as life happens, and it inevitably does, Kathy is there to help you over the hurdles. She understands the challenges of starting the VA business because she has been there. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her training to anyone wanting to start their own business. – Wendy Datskovskiy, sticklervirtualassistant.com

You can be Location Independent and get maximum benefit from Expert VA Training

Ocean Admin Solutions Expert VA TestimonialI am from New Zealand and live in South Africa. Kathy’s lessons are not only specific for North America, you can take this virtual assistant training from anywhere in the world.

I thought I knew what I was doing in terms of starting my own business. I had my target market and niche decided, but wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I started Kathy’s step-by-step lessons which takes you back to the start. Even if you already have your business up and running, I recommend you start at Lesson One because you may surprise yourself. My business has taken a whole new direction, with a completely different target market and niche.

Kathy always gives the best feedback from years of experience and really takes a personal interest in all of her students. You can go through the training as slow or as fast as you need to. I will be relocating back to NZ soon and I know Kathy will be there for me, supporting me and my business, wherever I am in the world. — Jilanne Holder, oceanadminsolutions.com

My business has grown exponentially, and my confidence and ability to meet challenges along with it.

“Working with Kathy Goughenour in her Expert VA Training allowed me to recreate my professional life — and what a spectacular change! She walked me through building my business, nurturing its success at every step. Her expert advice, delivered with enthusiasm and humor, demystified the process. My business has grown exponentially, and my confidence and ability to meet challenges along with it. I highly recommend working with Kathy. She can support you in achieving the perfect career to fit your dreams.” – Cynthia Daffron, ArtfulAdvantage.com

Choosing this training was the best decision I made for me and my business

“When I met Kathy, I had supposedly been in business for 4 months.

I started my business not having a clue of what I was doing or about to embark on. I was drowning and hadn’t even noticed! During my free, 20-minute consultation with Kathy, I realized I had done everything wrong, from the name of my business to the market I was targeting, and I knew I could not do this alone and needed HER help.

Kathy was so energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and most importantly caring. She truly cares about making my business successful. Choosing Kathy was the best decision I made for me and my business, I know for a fact that I could not have done this on my own. She held my hand when she needed to and kicked me in the butt when I needed it. She made me believe in myself, when I doubted my own abilities and instincts. Her depth of knowledge about this industry is in my opinion unsurpassed, and I would hire her again and again if I had to.

I am and will forever be grateful that our paths crossed and I know I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for me.” – Edie Clarke, VirtuallyinSync.com

Today, I am living my dream of working from home

“I’d been dreaming of becoming a virtual assistant for several years, and I didn’t know how to start the process. I signed up for Kathy’s Expert VA Training and my life has not been the same. Kathy taught me everything I needed to know to become a successful VA. She helped me prepare my website content.

By the time my formal training ended, my website was live, and I had a client base. In fact, one month after I graduated from Expert VA Training, I’d already earned (working as a VA) the amount I paid for the training. Today I am living my dream of working from home. Kathy’s training was the key to my success!” – Lorraine Castle, CastleVirtualSolutions.com

Expert VA Training is THE BEST training for Virtual Assistants! 

bizbuilderangelsExpert VA Training is THE BEST training for Virtual Assistants! Kathy ensures that every student has all of the tools and resources needed to succeed as a Virtual Assistant. She is totally invested in you achieving your goals. In fact, I had clients before I completed the training! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Expert VA training! – Angel Smiley, BizBuilderAngels.com

Signing up for Expert VA Training was the smartest decision I’ve made…

Eastgate Virtual ProfessionalKathy has been amazing; she helped redesign my website so it looks much more professional. I’ve gained more confidence in the services that I’m offering. I highly recommend Kathy’s Expert VA Training course to anyone wanting to become a successful VA. Kathy not only guides you every step of the way, but she also helps you start making money while you’re training and learning new things. – David Wander, myevpllc.com

Get paid what you’re worth and bring in more clients.

Mary Hanley, My Virtual Service“I’ve been working as a real estate VA for several years, but wasn’t getting paid what I felt I was worth and didn’t have the number of clients I wanted. Kathy Goughenour and her Expert VA Training clarified my focus. I now know how to talk with potential clients to demonstrate that I am the expert they need to hire. Kathy prepared us for everything both positive and negative.” – Mary J. Hanley, MyVirtualService.com

I had my first client before completing…

“Kathy’s inspiration, guidance, motivation and experience taught me such valuable insight and knowledge that I landed my first client before completing the virtual assistant training course. I highly recommend Kathy and her training to anyone considering full or part-time work from the comfort of their own home.” – Marcia Greenley, SuperstarSupport.com

Get a jump start on your business.

“Kathy’s enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge made this class more than I could have ever imagined. Kathy gave me the answers to things that I didn’t even know I had a question about. The class covered a wide range of topics that enabled me to get a jump start on my business. Kathy even went so far as to be sure the gotchas that could trip us up were addressed. Thank you Kathy for giving me the confidence and the tools I need to be a very successful VA.” – Joyce Wright, AccomplishMoreToday.com

VAs are crazy if they don’t sign up for your classes or the Expert VA Inner Circle.

Mary Hanley, My Virtual Service“You always provide immediate attention to all my needs. You are always an email or call away and always willing to listen, give direction and answer all my questions. Just knowing that if I have a question or concern you’re always available. You give me the confidence I need to succeed. I couldn’t ask for a better Mentor.” – Mary J. Hanley, MyVirtualService.com

Each session has been masterfully structured and provides exactly what up-and-coming virtual assistants need.

Donna Patton“I could not say enough good things about Kathy’s passion for her work and her commitment and ability to motivate and educate her students. I would like to attest to the in-depth, hands-on instruction she provides to each of us—collectively and individually. Each session has been masterfully structured and provides exactly what up-and-coming virtual assistants need. Even before classes began, Kathy held a private brainstorming session with each student, to assist us in deciding on what our niche and target markets would be. Expert VA Training is not only developing the expert in each of us, but also helping us to build our own businesses, from the foundation upward. The entire process, thus far, has been challenging, yes, but certainly no less than AMAZING. And, I would highly recommend Expert VA Training to anyone interested in taking up a new career, finding a new job or improving their current business. Kathy, I could never thank you enough for all that you do in helping me to realize my potential in the self-publishing industry. I look forward to many great successes with each day that passes!”

— Donna Patton, Founder/CEO, Abrah-Cove Publishing, Expert VA, In-Training

If you want to become an expert, you need to take these classes.

“The Expert VA Training classes have been a tremendous learning experience. Kathy has inspired me to be the best possible Virtual Assistant I can be. With her encouragement I have been able to write my website content and implement the skills she has taught to get that website up and going. She has directed me to achieve my very best. Kathy knows what she is doing and teaches with the right amount of fortitude. If you want to become an expert in your field, you need to take these classes.” – Nancy Strong