Writing and Project Marathon

Get Your Writing and Projects Finished with the Perfect Procrastination Prevention Tool: Writing and Project Marathon

All sessions held the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9 am to 2:15 pm Central Time

Do you struggle to get blogs, web pages, articles or other writing (and non-writing) projects completed? You’re not alone!

As business owners, it’s very difficult to set aside time to complete our own projects. We’re always working on our clients’ projects.

Imagine having 4 hours of structured time, set aside on a Saturday, exclusively for working on your own projects. How much could you accomplish?

When you participate in our once-a-month Expert VA Writing and Project Marathon, you can accomplish a lot more than when you’re working alone. Not only will you be working with a fun group, you have an experienced writer/editor and business coach and trainer on call to review and edit your writing projects during the Marathon, as well as a group of Expert VAs and business owners to hold you accountable to achieve your goals and celebrate your success.

Here are some of the actual tasks virtual assistants have completed during one 4-hour Marathon:

  • Lorraine Castle: Wrote a chapter of an ebook she’s using to build her list of potential clients.
  • Joyce Wright: Updated the wording on 5 pages of her own website.
  • Marcia Greenley: Cleaned and reorganized her office
  • Cynthia Daffron: Completed 4 blog posts and started 3 additional blog posts.
  • Laura Routledge: Completely re-organized her computer files
  • Edie Clarke: Outlined a webinar she will be presenting to get more clients

How much does this community support and expert advice cost?
Non-members of Expert VA Network can sign up for a one-time Marathon for only $47. This is for first-time Marathoners only.

Here’s how the Marathon works:
9 a.m. CT: Call in to our conference line (provided when you register). We’ll talk for up to 30 minutes about our goals for the day. Be prepared to state your goal for the day. That goal can be number of blog posts, number of web pages, an outline, or any other project quantity or quality you want to accomplish during the Marathon. I’ll give a short motivational message to inspire you, and away you go.

9:30 CT: You’ll go off on your own and write/work for 2 hours. I’ll be available to you during this time to review/edit anything you email to me and answer questions and provide support via email. If you need to talk with me, email, and if I’m not on the phone with another VA, I’ll ask you to give me a call and we’ll talk.

11:30 CT: Call in to our conference line. You may want to set a timer because I know you’re going to get wrapped up in your project and the time will FLY! We’ll check in to see if anyone has run into challenges, and help them resolve them. I’ll also give another little pep talk. We’ll talk for up to 15 minutes.

11:45 CT: You’ll go off on your own to write. (We don’t break for lunch, so have something to nibble on.) You’ll have 2 hours to work on your project. I’m available to you as I outlined above.

1:45 p.m. CT: Grab the beverage of your choice, and call in to our conference line for a celebration and a virtual happy hour. PARTY!

The VAs who have participated get so many projects finished and have so much fun that they attend month after month to keep their productivity up.

Read what some of the participants have to say about the Marathon:

Lorraine Castle“My favorite thing about the Writing and Project Marathon is that I no longer feel alone. I love the 15-minute breaks to check in with each other, feed off each other’s enthusiasm and get re-inspired. I cannot remember the last time I’ve written 4 blog posts for my own blog in one day. Finding the time to write one a day is usually a challenge. During the Writing and Project Marathon, my writing flows so much easier.” – Lorraine Castle, CastleVirtualSolutions.com

Cynthia Daffron“I liked being held accountable to the group. It helped me get unstuck with my own writing. I also enjoyed celebrating what we had accomplished at the end with our virtual happy hour.” – Cynthia Daffron, ArtfulAdvantage.com


Joyce Wright“I appreciate the on-the-spot editing service that Kathy provides. And I also like that I’m held accountable for accomplishing my goals of the day. This is a painless way to get a lot done in a short period of time. Even non-writers can use the time productively to get projects done.” – Joyce Wright, AccomplishMoreToday.com

Edie Clarke Virtual Assistant“The time flies so fast that it feels like I’ve only been working for an hour or two, instead of 5 hours.  Knowing I have to check in with Kathy and the other VAs keeps me focused. I like that I can work on video production, screencast/Camtasia creation and other non-writing projects.” – Edie Clarke, VirtuallyInSync.com


Are you ready to achieve similar results? Contact Kathy Goughenour now to find out how to participate.