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Let me take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how you can start earning the income you want by attracting clients to you. (Imagine … no more chasing low-paying clients!) Don’t just take my word for it; listen to graduates of Expert VA Training and find out why these people signed up for Expert VA Training.

Earn More From Your Virtual Assistant Business … While Doing Work You Love

Would you like personal guidance from someone who built a successful Virtual Assistant business from the ground up? Someone whose virtual assistant business income was just under $25,000 the first year and grew to the point where it billed $106,501.17 in its sixth year? Someone who has developed three successful online businesses (1) VA business from which I learned everything I needed to know to create (2) a membership site business for real estate agents and (3) this training/coaching business? Someone who has already sold one online business for a profit?

That someone is me, Kathy Goughenour. Schedule a free More Clients More Profits Breakthrough Session with me today to learn how, together, we’ll create your own super successful virtual assistant business.

“Kathy’s enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge made the Expert VA Training program more valuable than I could have ever imagined. Kathy gave me the answers to things that I didn’t even know I had questions about. Kathy even went so far as to address the gotchas that could trip us up in the future. Thank you Kathy for giving me the confidence and the tools I needed to become a super successful VA.” – Joyce Wright,


You’ve been helping your clients by providing outstanding one-on-one work and you feel confident about your abilities as an outstanding service provider. And now you are ready to expand your business to benefit your clients and increase your income and joy.

You feel frustrated with your inability to earn as much as you want to earn. And you’re tired of trying to do it all alone. You’re excited to learn how to expand your business by providing consulting or coaching services, training programs or information products.

What you really need is solid guidance and a step-by-step plan to help you translate and organize your ideas into your own unique business. You want that customized guidance from someone who has been there and done that — and can show you how to do it faster and easier without making all the mistakes she did.

You’re ready to be recognized as the amazing service provider you are. You want to be valued for your expertise, passion, and hard work — and paid accordingly. And, yes, you want to leverage your time so you can help more clients — and double, triple or 10x your income.

The big question is HOW?

I invite you to apply for a complimentary More Clients More Profits Breakthrough Session. If accepted, you’ll receive a link to schedule your session. We’ll talk about how to transform your business so you increase your bottom line and love the work you’re doing. We’ll also make sure you and I are a good fit.

“I don’t think I could ever fully express how indebted I am to Kathy Goughenour and her Expert VA Training program. Because of this program, I am now on the brink of living solely off my own income as a VA, something that did not seem possible before.” – Edie Clarke,

Schedule your free More Clients More Profits Breakthrough Session now. We’ll talk for a full 60 minutes to figure out why you’re currently not getting the results you want, and what type of work and clients will make your heart sing. Together, we’ll determine the best way for you to move forward to get all the high-paying clients you want.

“While reading a post from Kathy on one of my friends’ Facebook pages referring to coaching virtual assistants, I experienced, to quote Oprah, my “aha moment.”  I immediately scheduled my free strategy session with Kathy to inquire further. During that call, Kathy answered all my questions and she never pushed me to sign up for her training or coaching. Kathy made me feel completely comfortable and excited about the money I could earn as a virtual assistant.” – Marcia Greenley,  

Kick Your Dream Into High Gear Today!

Apply for your free More Clients More Profits Breakthrough Session (regular price of $800) now. This consultation is 100% FREE. I’ll simply see what’s holding you back, what you want to achieve, and whether I can help.