Meet Kathy Goughenour

Kathy Goughenour is an experienced and savvy business coach and trainer. From corporate marketing to virtual assistant to business coach and trainer, she’s been there and done that professionally and personally.

After taking the leap of faith to get out of the corporate rat race, her workplace changed and so did her income … it went up! She’s now built several internet home-based businesses including her Virtual Assistant (VA) business, the real estate marketing site called Lead Booster Club (which she sold in 2012), and Expert VA Training, where she trains and coaches women who want to build their own Virtual Assistant home-based businesses.

As a business coach and trainer, Kathy has quickly become a vital resource for helping women achieve their career and income goals as work-from-home Virtual Assistants.

Why Kathy Created Expert VA TrainingKathy Goughenour in the media

From 2001 to 2007, Kathy Goughenour built a lucrative real estate virtual assistant business. During Kathy’s almost 7 years as a real estate virtual assistant, she worked with over 70 agents and earned between a high 5-figure to a low 6-figure income annually. In 2010, Kathy switched her niche to become a Virtual Assistant for authors and professional speakers. Using the methods she teaches her VA students, within one month, her new practice at was full.

As her success grew, more and more colleagues sent their friends and family to Kathy for advice on how to start their own virtual assistant home-based businesses. Kathy enjoyed sharing her secrets to building a highly profitable Virtual Assistant business, and in 2008 decided to start her own Virtual Assistant training program.

Education and Experience

Kathy Goughenour’s 25+ years of marketing experience encompasses everything from print advertising and brochures to outdoor signage to the internet. She has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA.

After 18 years in the corporate world at Southwestern Bell Telephone (now AT&T), Kathy decided to start her own business. She first went into direct sales, but within a few years knew she wanted to work from home.

Moving four times in four years, between two different countries, and from coast to coast, Kathy gained intimate knowledge of the real estate industry. She became well acquainted with the good points and bad points about shopping for REALTORS® and real estate over the internet. In Kansas City, Missouri, Kathy met Michael K. Perry, a REALTOR® who not only sold her a home, but also started her on the path of a new career. Unhappy about the lack of information on Michael’s website, Kathy bugged him about improving it. After he’d heard all he could take, he asked Kathy if she’d like to work as his Virtual Assistant, then she could fix his website.

With Kathy’s educational background in marketing, plus her years of experience in corporate marketing, she was a perfect fit. Quickly, Kathy realized this was the career she’d been working towards all her life. A career that would grow with her and allow her to earn a fantastic income.

From Virtual Assistant to Internet Marketer

After working at home as a real estate VA for almost 7 years, Kathy discovered a niche that needed filling: inexpensive real estate blog content.

In 2008, Kathy wrote the guide “Blogging 101: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Boosting Business and Generating Tons of Leads Online” and created the Lead Booster Club, a membership site that provided real estate blog content and marketing advice for real estate agents. In 2012, she sold that business for a profit.

Get to Know Kathy

Expert VA Training office mates

Office mates

Kathy lives and works in her rustic cabin in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Her husband, Tom, and two Golden Retrievers, Jack and Molly, add joy and comfort to her life.

Six grandchildren add adventure and energy to her life.

They love visiting grandma and grandpa to fish and swim in the crystal clear Ozark river that flows beside their cabin.

Missouri Ozarks office for Expert VA Training

Office location for Expert VA Training

Kathy enjoys crossfit, yoga and lunching with friends. That’s why you won’t find her at her desk on Thursdays. Kathy says, “One of the biggest benefits to owning my own business is that I can set a schedule that works best for me. I love taking Thursdays off so I can go to crossfit and lunch with girlfriends.”

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