Life as a Virtual Assistant: When Starting is the Hardest Part

virtual assistantPutting things off. Stalling. Delaying the inevitable. Procrastination.

Whether it’s household chores, work tasks, or significant business decisions, sometimes it seems easier to put things off than it is to get started and conquer whatever lies in front of you.

The action of just getting started often meets the most opposition.

There’s always something more entertaining than household chores. Or, if you’re grappling with the decision to quit your current job to become a Virtual Assistant, you let all the risks or uncertainties be your excuse for not a making major business decision.

But, when you delay starting, what’s the outcome?

If it’s household chores, you know you’re eventually going to have to do them. Unfortunately, magic fairies that leave your house in sparkles aren’t real.

Likewise, putting off work-related tasks yields the same results. Eventually, you must do them, but you’re rushed and stressed out as a result of your own procrastination.

And, what are the results of delaying major business decisions? You remain stuck in an unfulfilling job? You stay stagnant knowing you’re not reaching your full potential?

The consequences of not starting seem worse than taking that first action and conquering what’s in front of you to accomplish something that will ultimately lead to a more gratifying life.

After taking the first step to accomplish tasks or make a big decision, the subsequent steps will be a lot easier. After you just get started, you can get into a groove, make a plan, build your map to success, and keep moving forward to accomplishing your goals.

But finding that elusive motivation that gives you that little nudge—or push—to get started often serves as a roadblock to your success.

How do you overcome the challenge of getting started as a Virtual Assistant?

By avoiding procrastination and delaying the inevitable, you open yourself up to more time, more energy, and a more productive work environment.


On a daily basis, be mindful of most important tasks you need to accomplish. Once you know your priorities, schedule specific times to complete the most pressing tasks of your day. Identifying the tasks that take precedent in your day, allows you to focus on one particular task at a time without feeling bombarded by all the other things you need to accomplish. It gives you focus and perspective.

Furthermore, if you have repetitive tasks that you do daily or weekly, schedule those in on the same days. Then, you can prioritize your tasks within a structure that’s already familiar. Thus, you increase your productivity and decrease your stress and anxiety.

If you’re grappling with a big business decision, prioritize your reasons for even entertaining the idea. Then, use those reasons to inspire your choice. What do you want to change in your life that serves as motivation for this decision? What will you gain if you take the first step? Why is it important to you? What’s holding you back? Can you create a plan that will enable you to feel comfortable with the process after you make the decision?

Recognize You’re in Control

You have a choice to make. You can give in to procrastination and live with the consequences. Or, you can set specific goals and time frames in which to achieve your goals.

Most often, the only person standing in your way is you.

Therefore, set goals, make plans, schedule specific times to dedicate to particular tasks, and get out of your own way.

Let Go of Perfection

Often the task itself, especially if its unfamiliar, challenging, or time consuming, is intimidating. And, the intimidation of the task itself is compounded by the desire for perfection. Let go of perfection. Getting something done is much more important than getting it perfect.

Leave yourself time to go back to revisit the task. Make changes and tweaks until it feels right. But, let go of the expectation of getting it perfect on the first try.

Take the Time for the Things You Enjoy

Make room in your life for the things you love. Taking even minimal breaks during the day to do something you enjoy can have a significant impact on your productivity.

An Entrepreneur article that addressing the importance of taking time off states “working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardize business, health and the life you’re supposedly working toward.”

Failing to take time for yourself to do the things you love eventually leads to burning out. You need breaks—times to rest and recharge. Give yourself that time. Even the smallest investment in yourself can have a huge impact.

Ask Yourself: Is it worth it?

Sometimes the consequences of procrastination are minimal. For example, does waiting to complete your household chores until three hours later have a major impact on your life? Probably not.

But, that time does add up.

And, the bigger the task or decision that you’re putting off, the more impact it holds over your life. Do the choices you’re delaying affect your happiness or success? If so, are you willing to suspend your joy or prosperity because you’re scared of taking the first step?

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Build Your Virtual Assistant Business: Be the Heroine of Your Own Story

virtual assistantThe past—your history—provides insight into your life today. It explains how you got where you are. Your past may tell the story of struggle, of happiness, of obstacles overcome, of hard work, and of many amazing successes.

But, the past is simply a story. And, your story isn’t over.

You’re in control of the script—and you have the power to write your own.

There’s no shame in realizing that, even though you’ve worked hard to get where you are, you have a desire for more. Whatever your reason is that’s fueling you to want to keep pushing yourself—whether you’re currently in a traditional job or your own Virtual Assistant business—it’s not too late to add to your story.

Therefore, it’s never too late to add a new act to your script.

How do you become the heroine of your story to build a successful Virtual Assistant business?

Your drive to keep pushing to reach your full potential likely stems from your self-confidence. A Forbes article states that “a fundamental lack of belief in our own value, worth, and ability to achieve consistently tempers female ambition and holds women back.”

Often, as women, we tend to sell ourselves short. Once you’ve reached a certain level of success, you may find that you accept that accomplishment and stop pushing for more. But you’re capable of great things, and you have the power to achieve beyond what you believe possible.

Being the heroine of your story involves having courage and confidence even when it appears all the odds are against you. So, you have to find it in you to push through the fear and self-doubt in order reach your true potential.

Therefore, it’s essential to find the courage and confidence to:

Take a Risk

Pushing beyond the status quo is a risk. It’s easy to sit back and accept where you are. Except that you’ll always wonder “what if?” and have that nagging feeling that you could have done something more.

Consider what it is that’s holding you back. What are you waiting for? The perfect time? When will that be? What if ‘the perfect time’ never comes?

You have a choice: continue waiting for the perfect moment or take a calculated risk that empowers you to live the life you deserve.

Accept Failure

No one is immune to failure. And, failure is only the end if you allow it to be. Some of the most successful people—Albert Einstein, for example—fail multiple times before they get it right. Does that diminish their success?

Instead, embrace failure as a natural part of learning. If something doesn’t work the first time, find a new way until it does work.

Recognize You are Enough

You are the only one who can write your script. No one else can do it for you.

If self-doubt is holding you back, changing your mindset can help you find the courage to go after your goals. You can learn, master, and excel at something new.

You have the power to write your script; what’s yours going to say?

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The Best Investment to Get Your Virtual Assistant Business Off to a Great Start

virtual assistant businessUncertainty is a normal part of starting a business. There are a lot of choices to make, decisions to weigh, and the future to think about. Therefore, making the first steps to becoming a Virtual Assistant can feel like a leap of faith.

There are likely numerous questions that plague your mind: Is this the right career? Will you be able to make the money you need to pay my bills? Will you be able to pay off your debt? How quickly will you start earning money? Will you be able to save for retirement? Will you be able to get clients? And the list goes on.

Considering that there are many options out there that allow you to start your own business, a Virtual Assistant business provides an opportunity that enables you to use skills you already possess to build a profitable business.

In comparison to other options, a Virtual Assistant business has a comparatively low startup cost. Plus, you won’t need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in inventory just to get your business started. The necessities of starting a Virtual Assistant business—a computer, a phone, and internet—are likely things you already have.

However, because the start-up cost of a Virtual  Assistant business is relatively low, you can invest in your business to help you build and grow your business effectively from the start.

The most effective way to ensure the success of your Virtual Assistant business is to invest in a coaching program.

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to grow an already established Virtual Assistant business, coaching is the number one investment to achieve success. Finding a coach who has been in your shoes, experienced what you’re feeling, and built a successful VA business is the best way to learn, grow, and develop your business.


An article published by U.S. News, “5 Investments Every Smart Small Business Owner Makes,” states that “[e]very business owner needs a coach or mentor” and adds that “[t]he opportunity to tap into the knowledge, experience, and connections of an expert is worth every penny.”

A coach will boost the success of your Virtual Assistant business by:

  • Helping you strategically start and grow your business:

She’s been there. She’s done it. She knows how to build a successful business. And her role as a coach is to help you succeed as your build your own business. Therefore, a coach provides insight into the necessary steps you need to take to set your business up for success. With a coach, you won’t get stuck in traps of wasting your time on something that won’t ultimately help your business. Instead, a coach takes the guesswork out of how to build your business by giving you specific, proven steps to ensure you get your business off to a great start.

  • Allowing you to earn while you learn:

Certain coaching programs will enable you to make money while you complete the program. So, instead of waiting until you’re entirely done, you can start earning money as soon as you feel you’re ready to start taking on clients. This not only provides allows you to start making money quickly, but also helps you get your return on the money you invested into coaching much quicker.

  • Referring clients:

A great coach has tons of connections to other business owners who seek the help of Virtual Assistants to perform various tasks. And, once your coach gets to know you and your skills, she can provide referrals to high-paying clients. This perk allows you to quickly find great clients, boost your earnings, and build a successful business.

  • Providing a community of support and guidance:

An excellent coaching program not only provides you with the help of your coach who is there to guide you, answer your questions, problem solve, and celebrate your successes along the way, but also with a community of others who are building and growing their businesses along with you. This community provides additional help, guidance, and perspective as you’re making decisions that pertain to your business. They can give you leads for clients, provide you with feedback on your website, and so much more. A community of other VAs who have also been in your shoes, who are willing to help, and who are rooting for your success is invaluable.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Just as this quote communicates, an investment in the knowledge you’ll gain from having a coach by your side will pay off in more significant dividends in the long run.

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Five Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant Business is a Smart Investment

Looking for a flexible career that will bring in additional income for your family? Sick of your current nine to five job?

A career as a Virtual Assistant is a great option to get the flexibility you desire with the income you need while doing what you love.

Here are five reasons why a Virtual Assistant business is a smart investment:

  1. Great Earning Potential

The average Virtual Assistant in the United States makes between $35 to $50 an hour. Your starting hourly rate depends on the services you offer, your level of expertise, and your target market. However, as you build your business, your reputation, and your knowledge and skills, you can raise your rates to increase your income. Therefore, as a Virtual Assistant, there’s always room to grow.

  1. A Business that Grows with You

You can build your Virtual Assistant to fit your expertise, interests, and needs. You may start your business providing services you already know. But, you can always adapt the services you provide to fit your interests and the demands of the market. Contrary to many traditional jobs, you’ll never be stuck completing tasks you absolutely hate or doing the same thing day after day. As a Virtual Assistant, if you have the desire to change the services you provide, you may grow your business to do so.

Therefore, as your lifestyle, needs, or interests change, so can your business.

  1. Low Start-up Costs

Compared to other business options, a Virtual Assistant business has a low start-up cost. Your average costs within the first year will total a little more than $2,000 and, many of the necessities of a Virtual Assistant business are products and services you likely already have (computer, internet, and phone).

Additionally, there are areas in which you could save money if you’re leaving a traditional job. For example, you will not have to fill your car with gas as often or make purchases to update your professional wardrobe since you’ll be working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Flexible Schedule and Location

Because of the flexibility of being your own boss and creating your own schedule, you can adapt your business to fit the demands of your life. Therefore, you can take the time to care for a child or an aging parent. As a Virtual Assistant, you can make time for the things you enjoy.

  1. Adding Value to the World

Your hard work and time are valued by your clients because you are providing high-quality services that help them reach their goals. You will be appreciated and valued. And, you will attract high-paying clients to do what you love.

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Turn Struggles into Success: Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Welcome to 2018!

virtual assistantTime for Reflection

According to a CNN Money article published in August of 2017, over fifty percent of the American workforce is dissatisfied with their job and cites four reasons that contribute to that discontentment. Those causes include 1) Little to no opportunities for advancement, 2) poor company culture, 3) being underpaid, and 4) loathsome manager and coworkers.

As you reflect on the past year, do you find that the dissatisfaction of an unfulfilling work environment is affecting more than just your professional life?

Giving time to reflection provides insight into what is and isn’t working for you both personally and professionally. With so much of you—your time, your energy, your sacrifices—given to your career, there’s no question that it impacts your personal life as well.

And, that dissatisfaction can leave you feeling drained and struggling to find purpose and balance in your life.

What improvements do you wish you could make in 2018 to cultivate a more fulfilling life?

Perhaps 2018 is your year to make a change.

It’s your life. What are you going to do with it? Maybe it’s time to stop wishing and make a change.

A career as a Virtual Assistant (VA) might be just the change you need in 2018:

Recognize Your Value

Often professional dissatisfaction stems from the feeling that you’re undervalued. You may be underpaid, have little opportunity for advancement, or stuck in a company culture that consistently leaves you drained. And, you find that you’re merely going through the motions. You get up each day and work hard just to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have complete control of your business. Because you’re an expert in your niche, you will attract high-paying clients who appreciate the services you provide. Plus, you get to do work you truly enjoy.

As a VA, you can put the days of dreading the workday behind of you where you feel like you don’t contribute anything of worth. Instead, you’ll find that you’re excited about the tasks that will fill your day.

As a Virtual Assistant, your perception of work will change. You’ll be joyful, fulfilled, and excited to make a difference that helps others achieve their goals.

Resolve the Conundrum of the Work-Life Balance

In a traditional professional setting being contracted to be at your worksite during specific times, limits your ability to enjoy life outside the confines of your workplace. Yet, as a VA, this isn’t the case.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have complete control over your business. A career as a VA allows you to have a flexible schedule—on the days you choose and during the hours that work best for you.

Need a morning off to take care of you? Need the flexibility to care for a child or grandchild? Want to travel? You don’t need to check with your boss or take any vacation time to do so.

As a Virtual Assistant, your hours, your location, and your schedule are entirely up to you. Therefore, you can make a great living while also having time to get out and enjoy life.

Set Your Own Limits

Because you have complete control over your Virtual Assistant business, you’re able to set your own limits. Instead of being told what tasks you must complete, how much money you can make, and when you’ve reached the peak of your career, you get to decide it all for yourself.

A career as a VA allows you to make the amount of money you need or desire to make while doing what you love. You also have the ability to learn something new that will create more opportunities to grow your business.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Moving forward, making changes, and starting something new can be daunting. Those little voices that sometimes feel like they’re screaming seep in and make you doubt everything you’ve decided for yourself.

That voice causes you to question your self-worth: “Who am I to think that I’m smart enough to do this? Who am I to think that I can build my own business? What if I fail?”

While these fears can be loud and deafening, remember that you are enough to build a successful business. You are smart. You have skills and experiences that have equipped you with the knowledge that will guide your success. You’ve struggled in the past, and you’ve overcome those struggles.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can be the example of an able, empowered woman who can take her struggles and turn them into something positive and successful.

In 2018, create something you’re proud of by making the change to build a successful Virtual Assistant Business on your terms.

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Give Yourself the Best Gift by Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistant

This time of year is full of many wonderful traditions that elicit a range of emotions—wonder, generosity, gratitude, nostalgia, reflection and sometimes even longing.

As you reflect on the last year, what do you long for?

More time with family and friends? The desire to work a job that you love? The flexibility to do the things you enjoy outside of a traditional work schedule? To feel like your hard work is appreciated?

What if you could give yourself a gift that empowers you to realize success on your own terms?

It’s so easy to get caught up in making everything perfect for others that we—especially women—forget to make ourselves a priority.

Giving yourself the freedom to imagine, to wonder, and to take the necessary action that empowers you to build a fulfilling career may be just what you need as you start the New Year.

Starting your own Virtual Assistant business gives you:

The Gift of Success on Your Own Terms

Being stuck in an unfulfilling job leaves you drained and uninspired. You’re stuck performing tasks you hate, and any hope of a promotion depends on someone else’s evaluation of your performance. The truth is that what constitutes success for one person is not necessarily the same for another. But, with your own business as a Virtual Assistant, you are the real measure of your personal success. No one else can determine whether you’ve “made it” because you ultimately decide what your success looks like.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can live your passions and push yourself beyond what you thought was imaginable. You have the freedom to work on tasks you love while helping people in industries that fascinate you. And, a Virtual Assistant business can grow with you. As you gain experience and discover new skills, you can incorporate those into your business. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

The Gift of Freedom

As a Virtual Assistant, you not only have the ability to create whatever business you can imagine, but you also have the freedom to build your work day around your passions outside of your home office. You’re not confined to a traditional work schedule, so you have the flexibility to work when you feel you’re most productive. With that freedom, you can attend events that are important for your kids or grandkids. You can spend quality time with your friends and family. You’re in control of your time.

The Gift of Realizing Your Worth

Finally, building your own Virtual Assistant business allows you to take pride in what you contribute to the world. You’ll no longer find yourself stuck completing tasks you hate for clients who don’t value your contribution. Instead, you can choose the services you provide for clients who understand your value and are willing to pay you what you deserve for those services. In turn, you build confidence and pride as you work hard to develop a Virtual Assistant business by cashing in on your skills—your strengths—that helps others achieve their goals.

This year, as you fulfill the gift lists of those you love, don’t forget to invest in yourself with the gift of a career that empowers you to be the superhero of your own life. To find out how ExpertVA™ Training can help you achieve your goals in 2018, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.


How to Create a New Path with a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

virtual assistantAs you ponder what lies ahead in 2018, where do you want your path to lead?

You have two choices:

1) maintain the status quo and possibly end up in the same place you are right now, or

2) create a new path and discover a career that opens a world of possibilities.

The first option is easy. You don’t have to make any changes. Yet, what are the pitfalls? What are you compromising?

The second option is a bit more difficult. It provokes those nagging feelings of uncertainty and fear. But, starting a career as a Virtual Assistant can be the change you need to live a fulfilling, prosperous, and empowering life.

So, what’s holding you back?

Any new adventure is scary. But it’s just that—an adventure. There will be unexpected things that happen and challenges along the way. But, in the end, the journey proves to be worth it.

To create a new path as a Virtual Assistant:

Let Go of Fear

When starting a new career as a Virtual Assistant, it’s important to consider all the possibilities to make the most informed decision possible. However, when you consider those possibilities, what motivates your choice?

Is it fear—fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, etc.?

Allowing fear to control your decisions only results in crushing your dreams.  Often, you will find that given the circumstances, you can rise above the fear.

When faced with a challenge, how are you going to handle it? Is there anything that could happen that you can’t take the necessary steps to overcome? It is more likely than not that you will face challenges head on and come out the other side stronger than you ever thought possible.

You learn more from mistakes than any success you experience. Therefore, there’s no need to fear failure because of what you’ll learn from that experience.

When making the decision to forge a new path, giving into those fears will only hurt you and leave you in the same place you are now. However, letting go of fear empowers you to achieve your dreams and create a fulfilling career and life.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Significant change cannot happen if you remain in your comfort zone. If your desire is to make some sort of difference in your life, it’s imperative to step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

Remaining in your comfort zone due to fear of failure or the unknown holds you back and prohibits you from changing your circumstances and maximizing your potential.

As you resolve to make the most of your life in 2018, stepping out of your comfort zone empowers you to achieve your dreams.

However, taking that step often feels like a big leap. Use these tips to take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Create a Plan: 

Think about where you want to be a year from now. What do you want out of your Virtual Assistant business? Use these goals to design a map for the upcoming year. This plan helps you feel more secure in your path and makes it a lot easier to take the first steps out of your comfort zone.

  • Be Prepared:

Just as you wouldn’t venture into the wilderness without a first aid kit, you need to be prepared for the challenges that may arise as your build your Virtual Assistant business. How will you handle problems? What will you do when they surface? How will you accept them and move on to continue your goal of accomplishing your dreams?

  • Seek Help:

One of the greatest parts of the building a Virtual Assistant business is that there are many successful women who are willing to help you with ideas, job prospects, and support along the way. You do not have to travel the path alone. Ask for help and enjoy the company of brilliant women who have been in your shoes.

  • Enjoy the Journey:

As you build your Virtual Assistant business, take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come, celebrate the successes, and take pride in what all your hard work has accomplished.

Live Your Life

You are in control of your life. With a career as a Virtual Assistant, you have the power to have the career and life you desire.

Your Virtual Assistant business can be anything you imagine it to be. From the clients you work with to the services you provide, you have the freedom to create your own perfect business that allows you to live the life you crave.

Working from home as your own boss enables you to schedule in time for the activities that leave you fulfilled and motivated. You can take time to do what makes your life meaningful.

So, what path are you going to take in 2018?

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