Stress-free Marketing for Your Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistantAs a Virtual Assistant, you know it’s important to market your business so potential clients how you can help them manage their tasks and achieve their goals.

An Entrepreneur article states that your marketing should communicate to potential clients “what sets you apart from your competition.” Therefore, our marketing plan should clearly communicate how your services and expertise will help your clients achieve their goals and grow their business.

But, with all the options—your website, social media presence, Facebook ads, content marketing, video marketing, and the list goes on—to market yourself to potential clients, it’s easy to feel bombarded by all the possibilities. The idea of keeping up with it all is daunting.

Then stress sets in and you freeze. You avoid doing anything because you feel like you don’t want to fail or do the wrong thing that won’t help you reach potential clients.

Four tips for a stress-free marketing plan for your Virtual Assistant business:

  1. Find where your target market is most easily reached.

Most importantly, focus your marketing where your target market will see it. Avoid wasting time by marketing in places that won’t reach your target market.

Therefore, if you get a lot of traffic through social media or on your website, focus your marketing there. If you get more conversations going by sending out emails or a newsletter to potential clients, put your energy there.

  1. Keep it simple.

Instead of trying to dip into every marketing strategy, focus on one thing and do that one thing well. You don’t have to use every marketing strategy. But you want to put out content that will serve your Virtual Assistant business and reach your potential clients. Showcase your knowledge, expertise, and how you’ll help your clients reach their goals by narrowing your focus on one marketing strategy.

  1. Do what you enjoy.

With so many options, it’s hard to narrow down just one strategy. Start with something you enjoy. By doing something you enjoy, you’re less likely to put it off, you won’t dread doing it, and, as a result, you’re much more likely to stick with your plan.

  1. Schedule time to work on your marketing.

To get your marketing done, you have to schedule the time to do it just as you would any other task. It can’t be something you hold in your mind with the intention of getting to it when you get to it. Make marketing a priority and stick to your plan. Again, if you’ve narrowed your focus to one marketing strategy, you can effectively schedule the time to get that one marketing strategy done.

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How to Maintain Balance as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantYou wake up in the morning full of hope. You’ve got a full schedule and you’re ready to check those tasks off your to-do list. With productivity fueling you, you start your day.

Breakfast cooked and served. Check. Dishes done. Check. Laundry going. Check. Client task number one completed. Check. Laundry moved around. Check. Client task two finished. Check.

As you’re whisking through your tasks, you notice the clock: “Oh no! I thought I would have accomplished so much more by now. What’s taking me so long?”

Pushing down panic, you think, “No problem. I’ve got this.” You keep trudging away, hoping you’ll make up the missed minutes throughout your day. Client task number three completed. Check.

But as the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, you realize you’re not going to accomplish all you had hoped you would today. Being a problem solver, you prioritize your to-do list and start rushing through the most urgent tasks.

But now that you’ve overhauled your entire daily plan, you pushed the more trivial tasks to the side. Now, your laundry is backed up, dishes from the snacks and loads of coffee you’ve consumed are piled in the sink, calls from family and friends went to voicemail, and you don’t even know what you’re having for dinner.

You didn’t get it all done. You begrudgingly transfer your unfinished tasks to tomorrow’s to-do list. Defeat overwhelms you.

Sound familiar?

As goal-oriented, independent, smart women, we want to do it all. We want to achieve our goals, maintain our household responsibilities, be a good friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. But so often we feel that we fall short.

We pack our schedules so full that we fail to notice the tasks we’ve completed and accomplished, and, at the end of the day, all we can focus on is the unfinished business.

As a Virtual Assistant, it’s essential to find balance. Balancing not only your personal and professional life but also your expectations and goals for yourself will allow you to grow your business without constantly doubting your abilities and capacity for success.

Tips to Stay Balanced and Motivated as a Virtual Assistant:

High Expectations

Often times, we set extremely high expectations for ourselves that don’t account for the learning curve. We overlook the time it takes to learn a new role and how to manage your life within this new role.

When you become Virtual Assistant, even though you’re offering services you already know and enjoy, you’re still stepping into unfamiliar territory. You’re running your business, you’re finding clients, you’re marketing yourself. Not to mention that you still have your family and household that demands your attention. All of these things take time.

Therefore, if your expectations exceed the limitations of time, you wind up feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

Solution: Don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Just as a baby crawls before she walks, you must do the same in your VA business. It’s wonderful to have high expectations and set goals that feel push you. The sky is the limit and your goals should reflect that, but you must crawl before you walk and walk before you run. Establish long and short-term goals to eventually accomplish those high expectations of yourself and your business.

Schedule and prioritize your time to work towards your goals. Avoid the temptation to multitask. Set aside and separate time to work on your business and to maintain your household. Allowing yourself to stay focused on one task at a time keeps your mind centered and focused. This increases your productivity and diminished the feeling of defeat.


As a Virtual Assistant, you want to help people, but you fear that if you don’t provide a service that your client needs, you’ll miss out on that client altogether. Therefore, it seems appealing to offer many different services to fulfill the vast needs of your potential clients.

By doing this, you set yourself up for frustration and burn out.

You can’t be an expert at everything. You can know a little about a lot of things, but you can’t truly delve in and learn everything well.

Solution: Narrow your niche. Offer one or two services that clients need.

While it may seem that clients would prefer to hire one VA to complete all the tasks they need to be done, they don’t. Clients appreciate and value your expertise. They want to pay top dollar for a Virtual Assistant who is an expert in the services she provides.

Additionally, narrowing your niche, helps you stay focused. By focusing on one or two services, you allow yourself to really dig into those services, become an expert, and make yourself marketable to high-paying clients.

Take Time for Yourself

Isn’t part of why you became a Virtual Assistant is that you would have more time to enjoy your life? In An article states that “many of us feel compelled to measure our success in terms of acquisition and accomplishment.” Becoming so consumed with getting things done and working to accomplish your goals causes you to lose sight of yourself.

You need to be healthy, balance, and in the right mindset in order to be successful. Therefore, it’s just as important to take time to focus on your personal needs as it is to respond to the demands of your business.

Solution: Block out time just for yourself. Make appointments to enjoy your family and friends, go for walks, breathe the fresh air, and take the time to engage in the activities that make your life meaningful. Disconnect from work and enjoy the people and beauty around you.

Small Victories

Remember that hope you felt waking up ready to tackle your daily tasks? While your original plan was thwarted by that pesky clock, you still accomplished a great deal of your to-do list.

However, when things don’t happen in the time frame we want them to, we feel defeated and filled with self-doubt. And how quickly we transition from hope to defeat and self-doubt. This self-doubt can be paralyzing—if we allow it to dictate our next steps.

Solution: Celebrate the small victories. Everyone has the moments where their hopes are squashed by reality. But sometimes, those hopes and expectations are unrealistic. Are your expectations even feasible for the most experienced Virtual Assistant to accomplish?

Being a super-woman doesn’t mean you have to do it all. It means you’re in control. You make the decisions and work hard to pave your way to victory.

Instead, of obsessing about what you didn’t accomplish, celebrate your small victories and use that to power your motivation to keep pushing forward to accomplish your goals.

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Your Virtual Assistant Business: Make Today the Day You Start the Rest of Your Life

You’ll miss 100% of the shot you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

virtual assistantFeeling Stuck

Like many other professional women, you have responsibilities and a lifestyle that you have to maintain. Therefore, imagining how you’ll be able to maintain that while building your Virtual Assistant business seems nearly impossible.

Making that change to leave your job and start your own business as a Virtual Assistant is scary. It’s a world of unknowns and feeling scared is completely normal.

An Entrepreneur Insiders article from Fortune likens starting a business “jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down” adding that “it can be fun and exciting one minute, and the next can leave you feeling terrified and powerless.”

Even though starting a business elicits many emotions and requires a lot of hard work, it can be done and with great success. It’s not impossible. There are many women making great incomes as Virtual Assistants who made that leap and never looked back.

However, the biggest failure you can make is to let that fear hold you back. Impossible is only an option if you choose to never try.

The beginning steps are often the hardest.

Take the Beginning Steps to Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business:

  • Imagine the Life You Want

    How do you want your life to be in a year? Five years? What changes do you need to get there? As you imagine the life you want, think about the freedom a Virtual Assistant business will give you attain that life. From setting your own hours to providing services you truly enjoy, being your own boss empowers you to earn a great income and have time for the activities that give you purpose.

  • Set Goals

    Undoubtedly, there are the logistics to think about. How much do you need to earn to make your dream life possible? What does it take to start your own business? Find out what you need and how much it will cost to start your VA business. Do research and ask questions of women who have successful Virtual Assistant businesses.  

  • Start Today

    Life is too short to remain stuck. Too often people waste their life being unhappy and unfulfilled waiting for the perfect time to make the change. There’s no better day than today to begin your journey to build a Virtual Assistant business. This one step will change your life.

Delaying your start date only sets you up for more opportunity to miss your chance to make this career change that enables you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Every day is an opportunity for you to be happier and to have a more fulfilling life so make the change and begin your VA business today.

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How to Overcome Rejection as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantAs a virtual assistant and small business owner, you must be willing to put yourself out there to get and keep clients. Rejection, unfortunately, comes with the territory.

“The Pain of Social Rejection,” an article written for the American Psychological Association’s publication, Monitor on Psychology, states that the pain of rejection “is not so different from the pain of physical injury.” Whatever the circumstance, rejection hurts.

Yet, if you accept the rejection and use it as a tool to grow and improve your skills, you will stay on track to build a successful Virtual Assistant business.

Tips to Overcome Rejection as a Virtual Assistant:

It’s Not Personal

As a virtual assistant, it is completely normal to feel vulnerable as you are the face of your business. Therefore, when you get a ‘no’ it feels like the client is rejecting you. This can throw you into a fit of self-doubt and leave you questioning whether you’re good enough or if you have what it takes to be successful. These thoughts can be harmful to you and your business.

In reality, everyone experiences rejection. There are so many success stories that arise out of rejection after rejection.

Instead, there may be many hidden factors influencing a potential client’s decision and these factors are out of your control.

Therefore, the most effective thing you can do—for yourself and your business—is to move on. Keep going forward to achieve your goals. There are plenty of clients who will appreciate the value you bring to their business.

Focus on Your Goals

Your goals serve as a map as you build your business. They keep you on track to where you want to be and they serve as a reflection of how far you’ve come.

Even in the face of rejection, keep your eye on the prize. In the big picture, does this moment of rejection really make it impossible for you to reach your goals? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

While rejection hurts in the moment, you’ll discover that you can move on. Find a different way, make a new plan, or create a new goal that will motivate you to keep moving forward.

Rejection won’t be a dead end for success if you focus on goals to push yourself forward.

Remain in Control

As you move forward after rejection, remember that you are not in control of other people or outside forces. The only person you can control is you.

Therefore, you must let go of the external forces that impact your life and focus on what you can do to better yourself along the road to success. Lift your head high in celebration of what you’ve already accomplished and keep pushing forward.

Life is too short to be frozen in a moment of rejection. You are exceptional and have greater things to accomplish. Just keep climbing that mountain to reach your goals.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Your mindset often determines how you respond to external stressors such as rejection.

When you have a growth mindset, you believe that you always have the capacity to learn and grow. Therefore, when you experience rejection, instead of allowing it to paralyze you, you use it as a learning opportunity.

You use rejection to improve yourself and your business. Be open to constructive criticism and use that information to improve your weaknesses.

Focus on your strengths. Instead of fixating on the rejection, focus on the qualities that make you valuable to your clients.

By improving yourself and building your skills, you increase your confidence. This confidence will make you more marketable and valuable to future clients.

Rely on Your Support System

When you experience rejection in business, it can hurt. When those feelings of self-doubt start to seep in, surround yourself with the people in your life who will help shoulder that burden. Allow them to lift you up and help you see the light on the other side.

Because rejection is often not about you personally, your support system will help you see beyond the instance of rejection and remind you of the positive attributes you possess as a Virtual Assistant. They will help you recognize the value you possess not only as an individual but also as a professional who helps clients achieve their goals.

When working through the pain of rejection, instead of thinking of rejection as a missed opportunity, interpret it as a chance to refocus your goals and find new possibilities to achieve success.

Instead, you will fill your client base with people who recognize

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Redefine Your Life When You Become a Virtual Assistant

“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

virtual assistantHow do you want your life to be defined?

Too often, women feel stuck in a career that doesn’t bring them joy. As life progresses, so do our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Yet, we remain trapped in careers that don’t grow with us.

As a Virtual Assistant, you can take the opportunity to start your own path and reclaim your life. You can establish a career that grows and changes with you.

Whatever life stage you’re in, starting a career as a Virtual Assistant will enable you to make the most of this moment throughout the rest of your life. Taking the opportunity to become a Virtual Assistant is a choice that will define your future to be what you imagine it to be.

Become a Virtual Assistant and Redefine Your Life:

Create a Business of Your Dreams

As a Virtual Assistant, you have the freedom to create every aspect of your business. You choose the services you provide, the clients you serve, the days and hours you work, and so much more. You’re able to make decisions in your business to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Creating your Virtual Assistant business enables you to define yourself professionally and do what you love every day.

Create a Life of Your Dreams

With the freedom to create the business of your dreams, you’re also able to define your life as you’ve always imagined it to be. With the flexibility and freedom you have as a Virtual Assistant, you’re able to make the most out of the time you’re not working. In fact, you can plan your work day around the things in life that are meaningful to you. For example, you can spend time with friends and family during the day, you can volunteer in your child’s or grandchild’s class, or you can go for a walk every morning. An article written for Fortune states that when you start your own business, “Your schedule is yours, and you can choose when to allocate your time toward the things that count most in business—and in life.”

Never Look Back

As a Virtual Assistant, you will live a life without regret. When you become a Virtual Assistant, you’re taking the opportunity to start a business that will leave you happy and fulfilled. You’ll work from home completing tasks that you enjoy. And you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to live your life and do the things that make your life meaningful. The first step is the hardest part, but, once you do, you’ll never look back.

Is this an opportunity you’re willing to miss?

As a Virtual Assistant, your career will progress with your life. As your circumstances, needs, and interests change, so can your business. By taking this opportunity, you empower yourself to have complete control over how your business and life are defined.

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How to Attract High-Paying Clients as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantBeing the owner of a Virtual Assistant business means you have the freedom to choose who you want to work with. Meaning that you have complete control over who your clients are. You don’t have to work with clients who want to nickel and dime you every chance they get. Instead, you want to attract high-paying clients who value your expertise and understand the benefit you bring to their business.

To attract high-paying clients as a Virtual Assistant, you must:

Be a Narrowly Niched Expert

A narrowly niched Virtual Assistant is someone who specializes in just a few services rather than a long list of services. Rather than paying a lower hourly rate to a Virtual Assistant who offers a broad range of services, high-paying clients who understand the value of the services you provide look for Virtual Assistants who are narrowly niched.

Being narrowly niched sends the message that you are truly an expert in your field rather than someone who offers a lot of services and a master at none. Therefore, clients are willing to pay top rates for your services.

Therefore, you not only get paid for your expertise, but you get to work with clients who value your contribution to their business.

Be Professional

High paying clients expect professionalism. They want to know they can trust you to conduct yourself with integrity and reliability while working as an asset to their business.

When first talking with a potential client, prepare for your call ahead of time. Look at their website and read about their product and services. When going into a call, have a clear picture of how your services can benefit their business. An Entrepreneur article states that “when you take the time to prepare, you’ll appear interesting and knowledgeable — two qualities that help make a good impression.”

Remember, clients’ impression of you is solely from your email communication, phone calls, and your work. Be sure that all your interactions demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable professional who will best help them achieve their goals.

Don’t forget some of the fundamentals of professionalism: Answer emails in a timely manner, follow through on your promises, communicate clearly and effectively, and meet deadlines.

Be Clear about Your Marketing

When marketing your services, it is essential to clearly communicate how your services will help your clients achieve their goals. In your marketing, you need to answer these essential questions for your clients:

  • What problem are you going to help them solve?
  • Why do they need the services you provide to solve that problem?
  • How will their life be easier when they hire you?
  • Why are you the person to do the job?

By answering these questions, your clients will gain a clear picture of the services you offer, how you’re going to help them achieve their goals in the business and make their lives easier, and why they should hire you instead of someone else.

Be Authentic

In a society that is bombarded with messaging, what clients desire most is authenticity. They want to know that you’re not just feeding them a line. Instead, they need to know that you’ll always be open and honest about your strengths and weaknesses. An Entrepreneur article addressing the habits of genuine people notes that it is not beneficial to be “overly modest or boastful.” Additionally, the article states that “humility is a positive trait but it’s better to just be straightforward.”

Like all professions, professional development is important in your career as a Virtual Assistant. Clients value Virtual Assistants who are problem solvers. It pays to be someone who, even if you don’t know the answer right away, will search for one to best serve the client.

Be Visible

To attract high-paying clients—those who have the experience and money to pay your regular rates and who will not try to nickel and dime you—having a virtual presence is essential.

Your website tells potential clients that you’re a true professional and are open for business. Without this online presence, your clients don’t know anything about you. They won’t know what services you provide, who your target market is, or that you are who you say you are.

Additionally, the testimonials from other clients on your website market your professionalism.

Believe Your Work Has Value

Part of having a career as a Virtual Assistant is to help others achieve their goals while offering services you enjoy. Your passion for your job and how your services will benefit your clients will set you apart.

Clients want to know that you’re not just doing this to make money; they want you to be passionate about how your services will contribute to the success of their business. Your work certainly has value; you must believe that and clearly communicate that value to your potential clients.

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How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business

virtual assistant businessWhat is getting in your way of starting your Virtual Assistant business? If you’re like most women, fear is the likely culprit. Is the fear of failure or not being good enough getting in your way of starting a business to finally live the life you’ve always imagined? You’re not alone.

Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business:

Surround Yourself with Support

When starting your Virtual Assistant business, you need friends and family to help shoulder some of the fear and anxiety that come along with starting a new business. Your support system will help you set realistic expectations of yourself and hold you accountable for reaching your goals. They can help you stay balanced, celebrate your successes, or just be there when you’re feeling overwhelmed. When you’re forging new ground, it’s always helpful to have family and friends who are there to support you throughout the journey.

Be Patient with Yourself

Fear is a normal response when starting anything new. Avoid the temptation to be hard on yourself because you feel scared. Fear is normal. Instead of ignoring your fear, use it as a source of motivation. It’s important to forgive yourself throughout the entire process of building your Virtual Assistant business. This is all new and you’re learning as you go; perfection is not an attainable goal. Be patient with yourself. Without forgiveness and patience, you’ll burn yourself out trying to reach the unattainable goal of perfection.

Take a Leap of Faith

Too often, women put off their own happiness or give into the fear of taking risks. We put off taking the next step thinking, “I’ll start this when the time is just right.” Often this lands you stuck in a vicious cycle—planning and planning without ever taking action.  So, while it’s important to research and plan to make well-informed decisions, it’s also important to take that leap of faith when starting your own Virtual Assistant business. You can’t succeed if you never try. Therefore, it’s important to stare fear in the face and take the leap of faith to make the commitment to start your Virtual Assistant business. You can think about it all you want and you can wait until the moment is right, but that will only extend the time it takes you to reach your goals. No time is better than now to reach your potential, discover success, and live the life of your dreams.

Invest in a Coach

Just like support from family and friends is imperative to your success, so is finding someone who has been in your shoes to mentor you through the process of starting a Virtual Assistant business. An article written about the importance of a support system to entrepreneur’s success states that “finding a mentor to trust and work with will lead to long-term success” and will “push you beyond your limits.” A coach who has already accomplished what you want to achieve will help you reach your potential quicker than trying to do it alone. Your coach will guide you, be your cheerleader, help you problem solve, and provide the knowledge and experience needed to achieve your goals.

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How to Create the Life of Your Dreams as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantWe’ve all had moments where we’ve wished for something different. Sometimes those wishes are for things that we may consider trivial. It’s that “the grass is always greener on the other side” mentality

However, sometimes these wishes run much deeper than trivial matters. You long for a different life. A life with more control. A life where you’re appreciated and valued. An existence where you know you’re making a difference.

Life is too short to be miserable.

When you’re going through the motions, but not living the life that brings you joy—a life that you imagine for yourself—you’re not living up to your potential or giving yourself what you deserve.

If you’re not waking up in the morning excited about life, it’s time for a change.

Fortunately, you have the power to create the life you’ve always imagined. You can change your circumstances to start living a happy and fulfilling life.

As a Virtual Assistant, your world will be bursting with possibilities. You work for yourself, set your own hours, and build a successful business living doing what you love.

However, when making a change, the first step is often the hardest.

Tips to help you pursue the life of your dreams as Virtual Assistant:

Don’t Be Your Own Obstacle

So often, women are their own worst enemy. We are so hard on ourselves and fill our minds with beliefs about ourselves that simply aren’t true. We think we can’t do something, we’re not smart enough, or we that we’re bound to fail.

For many, our default way of thinking more readily predicts our failure than our success.

If you’re one of those women, you need to get out of your own way. Embrace a growth mindset—the belief that you can always grow and learn—to create the path to your dream life. Of course, maintaining this mindset is always a work in progress because those negative thoughts can always creep up. By focusing on the positive, believing in yourself, and working hard, you will build a highly successful business that enables you to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Determine Your Purpose

No matter what stage you’re in, it is never too early or too late to start living a life of purpose.

Be intentional about what how you live your life. Ask yourself what you need to be truly happy. How are you going to get there?

As a Virtual Assistant, you have complete control and freedom to determine how you’ll run your business. Set your own hours. Enjoy the services you provide. You can work as much or as little as you want. You have time to enjoy the things you love. Being a Virtual Assistant not only gives you the opportunity to fulfill your purpose in life but also work in a career you love. The sky is the limit. You’re not limited by an unfulfilling career. Instead, you can make your life and your career whatever you want them to be.

Take a Risk

Sometimes, even though we’re unhappy, women get stuck in the comfort of their current circumstances. Working your nine-to-five job feels comfortable because you know what to expect each day and you know a paycheck is coming at the beginning of the month. It’s hard to leave that security.

However, when you step outside of your comfort zone, you have room to grow.

In an interview with the Harvard Business Review, Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, advises that “if you find yourself afraid of challenges, get yourself into a growth mindset and think about all of the growth potential in following this opportunity, even if it’s out of your comfort zone.”

Risks are inherently scary and uncomfortable. However, at times those feelings are essential to taking the next step to make the change you need to live a happy and prosperous life.

When taking a risk, embrace the discomfort. Then, create a plan and take action. What is getting in your way of taking the first step to becoming a Virtual Assistant, reaching your potential, and truly living the life of your dreams?

Keep Going

As with any journey, there will be parts of the path that are easier than others. There will be challenges along your path. In fact, sometimes it will feel like boulders are in your way. But if you keep working to overcome those obstacles, not only will you have gained a lot of knowledge in the process to help your business succeed, but you’ll also become a stronger person. After overcoming challenges, you’ll be able to tackle the next obstacle with knowledge and confidence.

Making short and long-term goals will help you stay focused as you build your Virtual Assistant business. Your goals will serve as your map that tells you how far you need to go and allows you to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant will change your life. You do not need to compromise your happiness for success. As a Virtual Assistant, you can have it all—a prosperous career and a life you love.

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You Can Be Successful Virtual Assistant: Let Your Fear Motivate You

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

virtual assistantFear is part of human nature. Historically, fear was necessary for survival to avoid life-or-death dangers. Today, you experience fear as an emotional response to the unknown—the unpredictability of the outcome of your decisions. As it did in more primitive times, fear still elicits the fight or flight response when you are faced with a decision to leave the comfortable, yet unfulfilling job in which you feel stuck to create a successful, prosperous life as a Virtual Assistant.

When embarking on a new journey to start your own Virtual Assistant business, it’s normal to feel fear. Everyone feels it. The uncertainty of what lies ahead, the uneasiness about your ability to make your dreams a reality, and the fear of failure produces that same fight or flight response.

For some women, fear makes them want to fight—to prove themselves and everyone else wrong, to show they have the power to achieve their goals, and to create a life they love. For others, fear is crippling. The self-doubt and anxiety stop them in their track prohibiting them from moving forward to accomplish their goals.

However, with hard work, dedication, and guidance, you can be the woman who fights through your fear. You can use your fear to accomplish the things you believe you cannot do.

Use your fear to motivate you to build a highly successful Virtual Assistant business.

Accept Your Fear  

The fear of failure when starting a Virtual Assistant business is a perceived fear—no true imminent danger is threatening you. The fear is within you. However, it still feels very real and can have a profound impact on your ability to make challenging decisions. Again, this fear stems from the unknown. Therefore, when you accept the fear and use it to establish goals, it will cease to have a hold on you.

Recognize Your Potential

You are capable of great success, but giving into your fear prohibits you from living up to your potential. Believing in yourself is your first step to overcoming the fear that paralyzes you. Turn the beliefs that you can’t do something into statements of accomplishments you will achieve. Establishing a growth mindset helps you overcome your fears. And once you face your fears, you will build a successful Virtual Assistant business that gives you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own hours, and establish a career you love.

Manage Your Goals

To tackle your fear, create a plan to achieve your goals. By doing so, you establish a less daunting path with small, attainable steps to accomplish your goal. Therefore, the unknowns and uncertainties as you start your Virtual Assistant business will not be so unnerving. Instead, you will go into your journey knowing what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to get there.

When I left my corporate job, I had to face my fears. Doing so allowed me to create multiple successful businesses. Now, it is my goal to help women like you overcome your fears and realize your true potential while you build your own business as a Virtual Assistant. To discover how I can help you achieve your goals, apply here for a free MORE Clients MORE Profits Breakthrough Session with me now.

Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business: Be a Part of a VA Community

virtual assistantBeing a Virtual Assistant business owner means that you have a lot of freedom. You set your own hours, choose the services you provide and make decisions that work for your business and your lifestyle.

However, one challenge of being a Virtual Assistant (VA) is that you work alone.

Because you work out of your home office, you don’t have the luxury of walking to the next cubicle to ask a colleague for help when you encounter a problem. Problem solving by yourself is not always easy. Therefore, having colleagues who understand your line of work can be extremely beneficial.

However, just because you’re a Virtual Assistant who works from your home, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on this benefit. A Virtual Assistant community can serve as your virtual colleagues in the next cubicle. As a professional community, they can help you build a successful Virtual Assistant business.

How a VA Community Helps You Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business:

First, let’s talk about what a VA community really is. The members of a professional VA community are spread out all over the country, and, in some cases, abroad. They can help you overcome challenges, provide a different perspective, and support you through your journey of building a business. Therefore, you don’t have to go to ten different cubicles to get the information you need to be successful. All you need to post online. What’s easier than that?

How does a VA Community help you?

They have a wealth of information.

Many members of a VA community have been in business for many years. With their experience, comes knowledge—and they have a lot of it. As a member of a VA community, you have this knowledge at your fingertips. In a professional VA community, because the members’ areas of expertise are so broad, you can find an answer to almost any question. From what clients need to how to successfully market yourself, they can guide you as you make decisions for your business. A VA community is also a great place to get feedback on your ideas. An Entrepreneur article states that a benefit of joining a professional community is that it opens you up to so many different perspectives. The knowledge, expertise, and broad perspectives that you will benefit from by joining a professional VA community will prove invaluable to your business.

They’ll share their insights.

The members of a VA community are Virtual Assistant business owners who are willing to share their mistakes so you can avoid the same ones. They can share their most effective practices that make their lives earlier. From the best calendars to use to how to track your time, they will be able to help smooth your path as you build a successful business.

They help you network.

Members of a VA community specialize in their own unique services. Therefore, there will be times when a client of theirs needs services they don’t provide. They will go to the community to find someone to help meet the needs of the client. If you specialize in the services needed, that VA will recommend you to the client. Therefore, a VA community is an effective way to network and to open more opportunities for your business.

They are supportive of you and your business.

The support of a VA community is unparalleled. They truly want you to achieve your goals and to help you along the road to success. You can post any question to the group, and they will provide honest, valuable feedback to help you build a successful business. This group wants to see you reach your goals, and they will be on the sidelines cheering you on every step of the way.

What’s better than a community of people who can provide insight, help you problem solve, and be your cheerleaders as you build your own successful Virtual Assistant business?

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