5 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

Virtual Assistant BusinessIn the business world, owners make investments that will help the long term productivity of their business. They invest in things that help the business function and grow. As a Virtual Assistant business owner, it’s easy to forget that YOU are your business. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in yourself to not only make yourself more productive, but also to help your business thrive.

When you invest in yourself and your business, you stay productive and competitive in an ever-growing market. You keep yourself in the mindset of achieving your goals and you provide your clients with the best. When you make a decision to invest in yourself, you make the decision that you and your business are valuable enough to truly thrive.

How to invest in yourself to grow your Virtual Assistant business:

1. Hire a Coach

Top performing athletes have coaches to train them, guide them, and encourage them. In order to be a top performing Virtual Assistant business owner, a great way to invest in yourself and your business is to hire a coach who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Think about it: Don’t you want someone there to train, guide, and encourage you who has already been in your shoes? And not only been in your shoes, but someone who has thrived. Someone who has reached their goals and knows what they’re doing. Your coach can help you grow your business in ways that you may not have even thought of yet.

2. Take a Vacation

Running your own Virtual Assistant business can be overwhelming, especially since your business consists of you and only you. The best way to rejuvenate and prevent burnout is to invest in a vacation. Get out of your normal environment. Experience new things. Relax. See places you’ve always dreamed of seeing. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to travel  for a vacation, you can always take a stay-cation. Focus on activities you wouldn’t normally wouldn’t do. Do things in your community that you normally don’t have time to participate in. Vacations not only rejuvenate your body and mind, but they always remind you your purpose for doing what you do. You work hard in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Therefore, take the time to live it.

3. Take Trainings

Businesses invest copious amounts of money to train their employees to ensure that they are providing the best service to their clients. Professional development builds skills, knowledge, and expertise, and makes great returns for the business. As a virtual assistant, you know this profession is constantly changing. There’s constantly new programs that can help you best serve your clients. Therefore, investing in training to remain an expert in your area of expertise is vital to the growth of your business. Your clients want the best. When you can provide them with the best, they will pay for it.

4. Take Time for the Small Things

Again, it’s important to rejuvenate your body and mind to prevent burnout. Unfortunately, you can’t take a vacation every day. You can, however, take time for small things that can give you a boost of energy to keep you going. Take walks. Get a manicure or pedicure. Go to the gym. Schedule some time with friends. Go to a movie. Do small things many times a week. Taking a little time for yourself makes you more focused and more productive.

5. Set Goals

Investing in yourself and your business means that you have goals for the growth of your virtual assistant business. Set short term and long term goals that challenge you to make strides to grow your business. These goals should be aimed toward getting your business where you want it to be. Major bonus: the coach you invest in can encourage you and help you achieve these goals.

As women, we tend to focus on the needs of others and our business, but leave little time for ourselves. Investing in doing things that keep you sane and happy will also help you grow your business. Investing in YOU is the best gift you can give yourself.

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Lost Your Day Job?: Build a Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

Home Based BusinessLike many women, your day job brings in a steady income that your family relies on in order to live the life to which you’re accustomed. You’re skilled in your profession and you undoubtedly work hard at your job. There’s comfort in having a job with a dependable income. That comfort allows you to make financial decisions based on your current income—having children, buying a house, buying a car, or travelling. Unfortunately, a hard reality of life is that many are faced with the hardship of losing their job, and, as a result, the comfort that steady income brings. We all believe and hope this couldn’t be us. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. Think about it: What would you do if you lost your day job?

Luckily, in a world where technology allows us to communicate all over the world in an instant, the opportunities for building a successful home based business online is a reality. Losing your day job can be devastating, but you don’t have to let it shatter you. Starting a home based business as a virtual assistant can be your answer to finding a dependable income where you don’t have to ever worry about losing your job again.

Building a Home Based Business: Where do you start?


1. Empower Yourself

Instead of drowning in your setback of losing your day job, think of this as another hurdle in life that you have to jump over. Believe in yourself. Jump with pride, dignity, and grace. Let your inner strength sing loud. Trust that you are enough. Believe in your ability, your strength, your motivation, and your intelligence. You can build a successful home based business that allows you to live the life you’ve always envisioned. You can create your own success, and the first step to reaching your goals is believing in yourself.

2. Assess Your Skills

The amazing thing about creating your own home based business is that you’re already equipped with the skills you need in order to succeed. Think about the tasks you completed in your day job in which you excelled. Were you good at answering emails, answering phone calls, writing, marketing, etc.? Offer those services to clients. When first creating your business, start with what you know. You can always learn new skills as your business grows. When you’re first starting out, don’t stress yourself out by offering a lot of services that are brand new to you.

3. Do What You Enjoy

As a virtual assistant, your business is anything you want it to be. Therefore, you can pick the types of services you provide your clients. If you don’t like completing a specific task, you don’t have to offer that service. Running your own business is your opportunity to enjoy what you’re doing while making the steady income you need. As you start your home based business as a virtual assistant, it’s a blank canvas and you can paint it however you desire. You hold the brush and you’re in control; therefore, do what you enjoy.

4. Pick Your Clients

The best part of creating a home based business where you’re the boss is exactly that—you’re the boss. Will you ever lose a client? Sure. Don’t think of that as a setback. Think of it as a way to explore another opportunity that will lead you to more success. On the other hand, you get to decide whether you will accept a client. Unlike the corporate world where you likely were forced to work with many people you didn’t exactly mesh with, in your home based business as a virtual assistant you don’t have to be bogged down by anyone you don’t enjoy working with. Since you’re in control of every aspect of your business, you don’t have to get stuck working with people you don’t enjoy.

5. Thrive

In your home based business as a virtual assistant, you will thrive. You can work as much as you want and whenever you want. You have the power to make decisions that drives your success. You are in control. You are the boss. Therefore, you can set yourself on a path to live the life you’ve always imagined and more.

As the saying goes, “Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.” When you lose your job, you are in control of your comeback. Empower yourself, believe in yourself, and thrive!

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Your Virtual Assistant Business: What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Virtual Assistant BusinessWhy did you decide to create a virtual assistant business? Did you desire more flexibility in your schedule? Were you sick of your traditional job? Did you long for a career that is more conducive to having a family by allowing you to work from home? Whether you’ve been a virtual assistant for a long time, you’re just starting out, or you’re trying to decide if a virtual assistant business is right for you, you ventured into this career with a desire to live your life to the fullest and without limitations. However, like most facets of life, your virtual assistant business is bound to weather some storms.

If you’re like most of us, you’re likely not a stranger to failure. The word failure has such a negative connotation, but if you think about it, where would you be if you never experienced failure? Everyone makes mistakes; everyone falls into ruts; everyone has times where they feel like they don’t have the power to change their circumstance. Are you at a point in your virtual assistant business where it’s just not going the way you envisioned and you feel like giving up? Remember this: YOU are in control of your success; therefore, YOU have the power to change whatever it is that’s holding you back. Instead of focusing on failure, change your mindset to believe in your potential and be resilient to the challenges you face.

Tools to help you believe in your potential and help you rise above your challenges:

Set Goals

In your virtual assistant business, you must set long-term and short term goals. What do you need to achieve in your business to truly live the life you envision? Explicitly write out your goals and make a plan for how you will achieve them. Don’t skimp on your goals. Set the bar high. You can adjust your plan for achieving those goals as successes and challenges arise. However, your goals are static. Don’t adjust the magnitude of your goals just because you’re scared. Believe in this: With a positive mindset and the belief that you are in control, you can achieve lofty dreams.

Accept the Feeling of Being Uncomfortable

Creating, establishing, and growing your virtual assistant business pushes you into taking risks. Taking risks is scary. This feeling is completely normal—embrace it. When you venture into the unknown, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable. Instead of letting that fear consume you and hold you back, use the fear to motivate you to keep pushing forward. Work through the fear, stretch yourself beyond your comfort level, and believe in yourself.

Make a Plan for Overcoming Challenges

When running your virtual assistant business, you will come across challenges that you never anticipated. Of course, no one wants to make mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable. However, your mistakes should not stifle your productivity or success. As with anything else, use your mistakes to help you grow. How will you move forward when faced with a challenge? Give yourself the time and space to process and learn from your mistakes. Take a walk. Confide in a friend. Play with your kids or pets. Take a long, hot bath. Whatever it is that you do to give yourself the time and space to process your challenges, be resilient. Rise above your challenges. Use them to make you stronger and keep moving forward.

Let Go of Self-Doubt

You are responsible for your own success. You have the power to create the virtual assistant business you desire. Unfortunately, we are sometimes our own worst enemy. Do you flood your mind with thoughts of self-doubt stifling your ability to take on challenges that would allow you to reach your true potential? Often times other people believe in our potential way more than we believe in our own. Therefore, in order to grow the virtual assistant business of your dreams, you must let go of the doubt that plagues your success. Instead, celebrate your accomplishments. Focus on your successes. When you stop giving into self-doubt, you empower yourself to reach your goals.

Ask for Help

So often, we make the mistake of thinking that asking for help shows weakness. On the contrary, asking for help empowers you to reach your full potential. As the world changes, your virtual assistant business will also change. You’re not going to know everything, but you should strive to be a lifelong learner. You want to provide the best services to your clients. Therefore, you need to ask for help—training or coaching—in order to reach your full potential and draw in high paying clients.

When you feel like giving up, remember that YOU have the potential to create a highly successful virtual assistant business. Set goals. Take risks. Be resilient to challenges. Let go of self-doubt. Ask for help.

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How to Boost Your Productivity When You Work from Home

Boost Productivity when you work from homeThe freedom you have when you work from home definitely has its perks, but it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Without the designated time and space of a traditional work schedule, it is necessary implement strategies to combat distractions and boost your productivity when you work from home.

Common Distractions that Decrease Your Productivity When You Work from Home

Because there’s no separation between your work and home spaces, you are constantly reminded of the daily tasks of your household upkeep. Add to that your business tasks and the deadlines you must meet, and working from home can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Not to mention, there are distractions at home that are not prevalent in traditional work spaces. For example, you most likely won’t find your favorite shows streaming on big screens in an office. However, when you work from home the household chores, your business, and those tempting distractions are always right in front of you. It can be easy to fall into a habit of attempting to multitask, which undeniably reduces your productivity. Therefore, when you work from home, you must be diligent about taking the time to truly focus without giving in to the distractions that surround you.

In a traditional work setting, you may experience a coworker who stops by to chat about weekend plans; however, you’re surrounded by people who have common goals and understand the importance of the work at hand. When you work from home, the people in your life may not recognize that you actually have work to do and deadlines to meet because of the mere fact that you don’t work in a traditional work setting. Therefore, you may face interruptions of people calling, stopping by, or asking you to meet at all times during the day because you don’t go to work.

Working from home gives you the freedom to schedule in activities that you may not have time for if you worked in a traditional office setting. You can meet up with a friend for lunch, go to appointments during the day, or volunteer. However, with the luxury of not being accountable for being in a specific place during set hours, comes the challenge of not over-scheduling yourself with other engagements that distract from your business goals.

Strategies and Tips to Boost Your Productivity When You Work from Home

Set a Schedule
As we all know well, there’s often so much to get done and not enough time to accomplish it. When you work from home, it becomes difficult to separate those two worlds. Therefore, it’s easy to find yourself getting wrapped up in household chores and not leaving yourself enough time to accomplish your business goals. You have the freedom to schedule your business hours to fit your lifestyle. However, during those hours, it’s crucial to focus on your business without getting sidetracked by the things you need to get done around the house.

Set a Timer
For many of us, we are most productive when we work in smaller chunks of time—for example, 60 to 90 minutes. By setting a timer, you give yourself a time frame to truly focus on the task at hand. During this set time, don’t search the internet (unless it’s part of the task you’re working on), don’t have the TV on in the background, don’t text, don’t answer your phone, don’t answer the door, or do anything else that will distract from your productivity. Use this time as YOUR time to focus and work. Once, the timer goes off take a short break and do it again.

Make Lists
Set goals for both your household and your business that you wish to accomplish and write them down on separate lists. Then, create separate daily prioritized to-do lists to accomplish those goals. Avoid switching your focus to random tasks or chores that pop into your head while you’re working. Instead, write them down on your list so you don’t forget it. Writing these thoughts down allows you to let go of it so you can focus on your work. Physically crossing these items off a list will increase your feelings of accomplishment. This, in turn, will boost your productivity.

Set Up a Comfortable, Quiet Work Space
You will be spending a lot of time in your home office. Therefore, create an environment that you enjoy being in and where you can really focus. Ideally, your home office is away from the TV or other areas of your home that are prone to distractions and interruptions. Play soft, instrumental music if you’re someone who works better with background noise. Your goal should be to create a comfortable, quiet place where you can truly focus.

Take Time for Breaks
It’s important to give yourself a break to reenergize and refocus. Get a snack, respond to missed calls or texts, check your emails, or take a quick walk to get some fresh air and reenergize your body. It is imperative to the success of your business to honor the time you schedule for yourself to work. Therefore, avoid any distractions that will consume your time during your breaks.

In many cases, boosting your productivity is a matter of finding what works best for you. In order to find what works, start by trying a few strategies at a time, decide if they work for you, and tweak them to fit your personality and needs.

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Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Work From HomeDo you find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to get everything done? Much less get everything done successfully? It’s no doubt that life is always a balancing act of responsibilities. Right now, you may be working a full-time nine to five job, listening to that little voice in your head that says: “If only I could work from home, then it would be so much easier to balance everything.” The idea of being able to work from home seems like a dream, and becoming a virtual assistant can make that possible. However, as with anything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the work from home lifestyle of a virtual assistant.

The Advantages

1. Your schedule is flexible.

Being virtual assistant who works from home, you have the freedom to ask yourself what time of day you are inherently the most productive. In contrast to having a face-to-face job, you’re not controlled by the time constraints of regular business hours. You can begin work, end work, get ready for the day (or not!), or take your dog for a walk anytime you want. You also can do activities or errands you wouldn’t have the time to do if you were constrained by regular business hours. For example, you can take that yoga class at 9:30am on Thursdays. You can go to your kid’s field trip or volunteer in her class. You can run your errands during the day so you don’t have to compete with the rush hour hustle and bustle. When you work from home, the freedom is yours to schedule your work day as you see fit.

2. You get to pick your clients and the services you provide.

As virtual assistant who works from home, you are the owner of your business. Therefore, you get to decide what services you provide based on what you enjoy doing. You can start with what you’re already good at, but you also have the freedom to be a lifelong learner to expand the services you offer. Additionally, you get to choose who your clients are. You can pick what business your clients are in, what type of clients you want to do business with, and you can choose not to work for a client if you feel it’s not working out. Your business can be anything you want it to be.

3. You can forego the professional attire.

Never cram your feet into uncomfortable shoes again. Instead, when you work from home as a virtual assistant, find comfort in the fact that you can complete your work wearing anything you deem comfortable. Your client won’t know if you show up to a phone conference in your pajamas and slippers. Another plus: you can also save money because you don’t have to buy business attire.

4. Your coworkers are always positive…and charming.

Often times, in the business world, you may find that your coworkers can be a bit overwhelming because they want to wallow in the sorrows of the world or gab incessantly about their perfect children, making you feel anxiety-ridden and annoyed. However, when you work from home, your canine companion can sit at your feet as you work and be your ever-positive sounding board. And, when your canine coworker senses you need a break from your work, he might charm you with those adorable eyes into taking a little stroll around the neighborhood. And, if you don’t have a dog, you may find that you don’t miss the distraction of having coworkers interrupt you throughout the day.

The Disadvantages

1. Your To-Do List is exponential.

It seems like it is just part of life that To-Do lists are never-ending regardless of your work environment. The downfall to this when you work from home as a virtual assistant is that your To-Do list can feel like it’s mocking you since everything you have to do in always in front of your face. When you work outside your home, there’s a separation between work tasks and home tasks. There are tasks you only can complete at work and there are tasks you only can complete at home. But when you’re working from home, that separation doesn’t exist. It can be difficult to ignore the laundry and dusting while you’re trying to complete your work. However, you have the freedom to schedule your day as you desire, so if you’re someone who can’t ignore the household tasks and focus on your business tasks, then you can schedule accordingly to prioritize those tasks.

2. You have to make a conscious effort to exercise.

Because you don’t have to leave your house to go to work and all of your work is done sitting down when you work at home as a virtual assistant, you can go through the day without much physical activity. As many studies have told us, exercise is important to your mental and physical health. Therefore, as someone who works from home, this just means you have to be more intentional about making the time to engage in physical activity. Luckily, you have the flexibility to schedule it in as part of your day.

3. You may experience cabin fever.

Because you don’t have to drive to get to work, you can go days without ever leaving the house. There’s no distinction between where you work and where you live. Being cooped up in your house for days on end can wear on you. However, working at home as a virtual assistant doesn’t mean you always have to be home to do your work. You can take your work with you anywhere you can get an internet connection. With many business offering free Wi-Fi, you can take your work outside of your house to give yourself some variety.

4. You find you miss adult interaction.

There may be some benefits of replacing your human coworkers with their canine counterparts. However, as social creatures we crave and thrive upon human interaction. Working from home as a virtual assistant means that you can’t just walk to the cubicle next to you whenever need a quick chat. Like finding time to exercise, you have to be more intentional about making time for social interactions. Call a friend to meet you for coffee. Take a class about a hobby you’re interested in. Or join a group with people who have similar interests or experiences as you.

While the advantages and disadvantages of being a virtual assistant who works from home are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes you may enjoy the ability to schedule the day as you please. While at other times, you may crave the structure of working outside the home. However, by being intentional about how you structure your day, you can create a thriving business as a virtual assistant and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

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4 Ways You Can Use Your Executive Assistant Expertise to Build Your Own Successful Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

Home Based Business

Start Your Own Home Based Business as a Virtual Assistant

As we travel further into the twenty-first century, the needs of companies are changing and they are seeking more cost-effective methods of getting work done. As a result, where executive assistants once played a pivotal role in the daily flow of a business, virtual assistants are stepping onto the scene as a practical choice for many businesses. In fact, US News reports that the number of executive assistant jobs is predicted to decline by 6 percent by the year 2024 due to the ability of companies to hire administrative assistants who are paid significantly less. In addition, employers can skip the overhead pay and hassle of hiring a full-time employee by hiring a virtual assistant. However, if you’re an executive assistant, don’t despair. Bank on your skill-set and knowledge to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant. While there are differences in the two professions, there’s no doubt that the skills, experience, and expertise you’ve acquired as an executive assistant will help you thrive as a virtual assistant. How can you use your skills as an executive assistant to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant business?

1. You choose the tasks you provide for clients.

One of the first things you need to decide as a virtual assistant and as the owner of your own home based business is what your target market—your clientele—needs and tailor your services to fit their needs. Fortunately, you’ve rehearsed and fine-tuned your skill set in your role as an executive assistant. You already possess the expertise you need to thrive as a virtual assistant. However, as a virtual assistant, you’re not constrained to all the tasks you’ve done as an executive assistant. You have the luxury of choosing the services you provide. If you absolutely hate scheduling meetings or answering emails, you don’t have to offer those services to your clients. When you create your own home based business, the ultimate goal is for you to be happy and love what you’re doing.
If you don’t know where to begin to determine your target market, check out Hoovers Industry Directories to find out what interests you. Research your target market to find out what services they need and what you’d enjoy doing for them.

2. You understand the pressure of business.

In your role as an executive assistant, you’ve surely felt the pressure of deadlines, big meetings, and important events. You recognize that no day is the same. You’ve experienced firsthand that there are a variety of tasks that can come up in an instant that can change the course of the rest of the day. You understand how to manage those unpredictable tasks with finesse. Additionally, you know the pressure your clients feel because you’ve worked closely with your boss in the business world. You know your client hired a virtual assistant because she doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to complete specific tasks. With this knowledge and your experience in the business world, you can anticipate your clients’ needs. This insight will be advantageous as you help your clients achieve their goals.

3. You already know business.

Your experience working in a business will undoubtedly help you format your own business as a virtual assistant. As an executive assistant, you spent innumerable hours completing the tasks that keep a business running. Again, you’re already a pro. You’ve been privy to what works, what saves time, and what doesn’t work at all. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time trying figure out the best way to accomplish something; you’ve already perfected that. In this sense, you’re already off to a great start building your own successful home based business.

4. You have an experienced perspective.

You know the deepest needs of your target market. Because you’ve worked in a business setting where you worked closely with your boss, you understand the daily and long-term struggles your clients face. As a result, you have the ability to empathize with your clients. You have the ability to provide insights that will help them achieve their ultimate goals. Due to your experience perspective, your clients will value your input on the inner workings of their business.
There is no doubt that you can use your skills and expertise as an executive assistant to build your own home based business as a virtual assistant, and to help your clients achieve their goals.
Schedule a consultation with me today to see how I can help you use your experience and skills to build a highly successful home based business as virtual assistant.

First-Time Virtual Assistant: Tips for Getting Started

Virtual Assistant

In an ever-changing world with endless possibilities, beginning a career as a virtual assistant can seem overwhelming and even daunting. There are numerous vastly different paths you can take. There are countless decisions to make and risks to weigh. With all there is to consider, how do you focus yourself in order to build a successful career as a first time virtual assistant?

Assess Your Skills

As a virtual assistant, you choose what services you offer your clients. However, you don’t want to be a novice in every service you provide and waste your valuable time learning how to do those tasks. It’s overwhelming and limits your income while you’re learning the new skills. Instead, focus on things you already know and enjoy. Don’t start at ground zero. You can always expand the services you provide in the future. But give yourself the time to grow while maximizing your earning potential right now.

Use Hoovers® Industry Directory to research more information about industries that interest you.

Research Your Niche and Target Market

By conducting research, you hone in on the services you will provide—your niche—and who needs those services—your target market. Your niche and your target market are the crux of your business. Therefore, you want to know everything you can about them. Through your research, you’re bound to find blogs written by and for those in your chosen niche and target market. Follow them. When the learning curve is steep, blogs will help you build your depth of knowledge. It’s quick, current insight into what your clients need and what you can provide for them. You want to find out what makes your potential clients tick. Then, focus the marketing of your business to appeal to them specifically. In turn, they will hire you because they know YOU understand them.

Click here to find 23 blog directories to search for blogs pertaining to your niche and target market.

Create a High Quality Website

Your website is your store front—a first impression. It determines whether clients like what they see and hire you or move on to someone else. Be mindful of your potential clients when writing and designing your website. Write to your target market. How are you going to help them? How are you going to make their lives easier? How are you going to improve their business? How can you help them achieve their goals? The design should be inviting and easy to navigate. Think about what you appreciate (or don’t appreciate) when you visit websites and apply those preferences when designing yours. Remember, the purpose of your website is to showcase your business, yourself, and what you can offer to your potential clients.

Canva allows you to make your own high-quality photos to enhance your website for free or very low cost.

Talk to Other Virtual Assistants

As with any other profession, you’re going to want to talk to people who are in the same field as you. Though your work is done virtually and you don’t have coworkers in the desk next to you, you’re not alone. Don’t get stuck in the isolated bubble of your home office feeling overwhelmed and depleted. There are many experienced virtual assistants out there with a wealth of knowledge willing to assist you. They’ve been down the road you’re on and they can sympathize with your struggles and triumphs. Reach out to them. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Build camaraderie with them. Most importantly, learn from them.

Seek Virtual Assistant Training

In all other professions, employees attend training that spells out the expectations, explains the details of the job, and answers all questions that you may have. As a first time virtual assistant, what would be better than having someone who is there to help you every step of the way? Ditch the feelings of isolation, frustration, and confusion and investigate professional virtual assistant training. Invite someone who has years of experience and knowledge as a successful virtual assistant to guide you, support you, and encourage you. Get the help from someone whose mission is to help you succeed. Not only will hiring an expert save your sanity, but the certification you earn will make you more marketable to potential clients. Make the investment in yourself and your business.

Remember, you have enormous potential! Don’t allow your success to be hindered by uncertainties or inexperience.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, need help getting started, or want more information about virtual assistant training, click here to find out how you can begin building a super successful virtual assistant business today.

Four Reasons to Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

Unlock Your Potential: Become a Virtual Assistant

You’ve found yourself here asking: “Should I become a virtual assistant?” Well, you’re among a multitude of smart, motivated women questioning whether they can earn money from home to support their current and future circumstances.

Maybe you’re currently using your skills and expertise working for a big corporation, but you feel you’re not living up to your full potential.

Maybe you’re a new mom experiencing the overwhelming dread of leaving your precious baby with a caregiver while you face the work-world.

Maybe you’re a seasoned mom who desires more flexibility to keep up with the growing demands of your family.

Maybe you’re an avid traveler and you crave a lifestyle that is more conducive to your explorations.

Maybe you’re simply looking for a new adventure in life where you hold the controls.

Whatever combination of life’s paths you’re currently traveling, you’re here because you’re wondering if a life as a virtual assistant is the right place for you. Like any honest way of earning money, virtual assistants work hard. But it allows women like you many rewarding opportunities to be successful while pursuing your personal passions.

Cash in on Your Strengths and Interests

As a virtual assistant you develop your niche—the skills and services you offer to clients—based on your inherent strengths. When you focus on skills in which you’re already proficient, the work is naturally more enjoyable. Does that mean that you won’t have to learn anything new or improve your skills? Like any professional, you will continually fine tune your niche to attract and maintain high paying clients. However, by developing your niche around the skills that you already excel in and enjoy, you inevitably start your business off with a success.

What if you don’t enjoy the skills you’re proficient at? Then you don’t have to specialize in them! This is YOUR business so you’re in control. There are literally hundreds of skills entrepreneurs need and are willing to pay for. Don’t spend your time and energy working on tasks you dislike. Instead, focus on services that you find interesting and fulfilling.

Earn Money from Home … and Watch that Income Grow

As a virtual assistant, you earn money from home on your own schedule. Over time, you have opportunities to earn more and more without increasing your hours. You attract higher paying clients and raise your rates as you gain experience and expertise within your niche. Yes, even virtual assistants get raises. In fact, you get to choose when you raise your rates. As your own boss, you don’t have to wait for someone else to decide if you get a raise. As you become more versed in all the opportunities out there for virtual assistants, you can grow you niche to encompass services that you may not even know exist. It’s an ever-changing world with endless opportunities.

Enjoy Flexible Hours, Schedule, and Workplace

The mainstream workforce can leave women feeling stressed out, rushed, and out of control.  Imagine a work environment where you are not confined to a set schedule or a specific location. Virtual assistants have the luxury of choosing when and where you work—you’re the boss. You choose to work when you are most productive and how many hours a week you work. Not to mention, since you don’t have to meet face-to-face with clients, you choose your own professional attire. You have the flexibility of working around the schedules of your family, your travels, your appointments, or the other endeavors in which you invest your time. You have freedom and choice which makes your job exhilarating and rewarding.

Choose Your Clients

All around us we have to deal with people who are less than ideal. Challenging people are everywhere—in every business and from all walks of life—but, as the person in control of your business, you get to choose your clients. If a client doesn’t respect you, drop him. If a client doesn’t pay you on time, part ways. If a client’s philosophy doesn’t mesh with yours, tell her you’re heading in a different direction. But when you find a client that you mesh with, you will enjoy every moment of working with her. Your hard work will be valued, respected, and incredibly fulfilling.

Should you become a virtual assistant? If you’re seeking a life in which you hold the controls, becoming a virtual assistant is your answer. Use your strengths to build a successful home-based business and open up opportunities that you never thought were possible. To find out how to unlock your potential as a virtual assistant and how I can help you achieve your goals, apply for a free Maximize Your Biz call with me now at http://expertvatraining.com/free-strategy-session/.

How To Quickly Boost Your Energy Levels

The following article was written by Stefanie Faceira virtual assistant specializing in trilingual translations, social media, blog and content management. Read her short bio at the end.

Finding a way to accomplish all the things that need to be done in any given day can seem impossible at times. Yet, some people seem to have an endless supply of energy, appearing to accomplish more than everyone else and Boost Your Energysomehow excel at everything they do. The truth is, they aren’t any different than anyone else. They’ve just learned how to increase their energy levels, sustain them and consistently use this overall increase towards their success.

Increasing your energy level isn’t as hard as you may imagine. Following are 9 tips to boost your energy levels and help you dramatically improve most facets of your life.

#1 Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Sleep is necessary for a clear mind and healthy body. You may think that sleep is in the way of you accomplishing your goals, but it’s absolutely necessary. When you’re well rested, you will think far more clearly, feel more energetic and have a healthier body. For even better results, you may want to try sleeping around 5 hours a night, with about an hour nap during the day.

#2 Exercise, Daily

Dedicating just 20 or 30 minutes to exercise each day will have a significant impact on your energy levels. This daily increase in your activities will make your body feel more energized overall, and when you feel more energized you’ll generally accomplish more.

#3 Drink Enough Water, Every Single Day

Your body is made up of approximately 80 percent water. As follows, when your body isn’t properly hydrated, it doesn’t work very well. To put it bluntly,if your body isn’t functioning properly, neither are you. Generally speaking, depending on the ambient temperature of course, 8 to10 glasses of water a day is a mandatory minimum for optimal energy levels.

#4 Consume High-Energy Foods

You want to eat foods that burn energy, not store it. Limit high carbohydrate foods like rice, bread and potatoes and increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables. Lean meats, nuts and most fruits are great energy foods. If you love bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, opt for dark ones like brown rice, wheat bread and pasta and sweet potatoes. For best results though, focus on fresh vegetables and fruits – the fresher, the better — and choose organic whenever possible.

#5 Stimulate Your Brain

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to read insightful books every day. Reading forces you to think outside the box. If you feel that you don’t have time to sit and read, don’t worry, you can always listen to an audiobook while commuting or exercising as this has similar stimulating effects.

#6 Check Your Attitude

A positive attitude is essential for optimal health and energy levels. If you see things in a positive way – especially if you can be resoundingly positive and optimistic consistently — this positive energy will flow into everything you do, every person you engage with and every project you take on.

#7 Pay Attention to What You Say

When everything that comes from your lips is negative, the world around you responds in a negative manner. Always try to speak in a positive tone, using positive words. Even if you’re not feeling positive at the moment, the positive words in themselves will help you change your mindset – and thereby the situation.

#8 Choose the People You Spend Time with Carefully

Unfortunately, some people are simply energy vampires. They suck all your energy away by being negative, complaining all the time and generally bringing you down. Select people that are positive and full of energy to be around you, as together you’ll resonate with one other and help each other level up in everything you pursue and do.

#9 Reconnect with Your Spirituality

Take time to reconnect. Try talking to your inner self, meditating or praying. When you connect to something greater than yourself, this brings you a greater level of personal fulfillment and puts insignificant distractions in life into perspective, once again aiding you in maximizing your energy levels throughout your day.

Don’t let this list of energy boosting tips cause you to feel overwhelmed. Choose just one tip from above that most resonates with you and implement it. After that becomes part of your regular routine, choose another to implement.

About Stefanie Faceira

Stefanie Faceira is a German virtual assistant supporting her clients trilingually from the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. Not only is she helping with translations, social media, blog and content management, but she also enjoys exploring the Caribbean country and writing about it in her travel blog strandedinhaiti.com. Learn more about Stefanie and how she can help your business grow at vacilitate.com.

3 Massive Mistakes That Kill Webinar Attendance

mistakes kill webinar attendanceWebinars are a great way to establish your expertise, deliver value to your target market, and build a connection while you sell your products and services. But you must get people to attend your webinar in order to reap these benefits.

If you’re struggling to get your target market to register for and attend your webinars, you may be making the 3 massive mistakes that kill webinar attendance:

1. The benefit of attending your webinar isn’t well communicated.

You can have a very hot topic, but if people don’t understand exactly what they’ll be able to do as a result of attending the webinar, they will not take the time to attend.

Which of the following webinars would you be most excited to attend:

  • Clients On Demand: 5 Steps to 6 Figures Per Month and Beyond
  • Get Clients When You Want Them

The first example is a real webinar I attended because of the exciting, specific promise they made in the title of the webinar. The second is a webinar title I came up with — BORING!

You want to tell people the results they’ll get from attending the webinar both in the title and on the registration page for your webinar. Get them excited about what they’ll learn during the webinar with your title and keep them excited with the content on your registration page.

2. You send out too few emails.

Your ideal client WANTS to hear from you. Stop worrying that you’re sending out too many emails to your list. If your emails are interesting, thought provoking and educational, your ideal client wants to hear from you. If someone unsubscribes, they were not your ideal client.

Be sure to also send out reminder emails. I recommend one the day before the event, one the morning of the event, and one an hour prior to the event.

3. You’re not giving your live attendees a reason to feel special.

Make them feel special by giving them a bonus (or 2 or 3) for attending live. The bonus doesn’t need to cost you much nor does it need to take a lot of time to provide. Promise something exclusively for live attendees and keep it exclusive to them. This also builds trust that you do what you say you’re going to do.

I recently held the webinar Fine-Tune Your Website To Attract Ideal Clients. I promised live attendees 3 bonuses. You can see the original registration page for that webinar and the 3 bonuses by clicking the following link: Is Your Website Fine Tuned to Attract Ideal Clients

The 3 bonuses were easy to provide because they were all digital downloads I could send via email. And I created the bonuses by simply recording the webinar — so it didn’t take any extra work for me.

Don’t keep your bonus for live attendees a secret! Promote it in all of your marketing materials to get people to register and include it in your reminder emails to get people to attend live.

Fix these 3 massive mistakes that may be killing your webinar registration and attendance. Then you’ll be well on your way to conducting webinars attended by hundreds, even thousands, of your ideal clients who are hungry for your products and services.

Want to learn more about how to increase your webinar attendance? Download my free workbook now by clicking the following link: Workbook: 4 Free Techniques to Boost Webinar Attendance